6 Handy Apps for Students

Whether you’re just starting college as an eager freshman, or are well into earning your academic stripes, these apps will be sure to make your life that bit easier, from budget and study planning to making sure you get the right kind of sleep…


My Student Budget Planner

my student budget planner | FirstPoint USA

This handy app lets you stay on top of your finances and monitor your budget.  A good app for anyone who’s new to managing their own money, and best of all, you wont need to budget for the app itself as it’s completely free!


Teux Deux

teux deux | FirstPoint USA

Teux Deux allows you to create to-do lists and interactively manage your tasks on a daily basis, with complete ease.  Best of all, once registered, you can use Teux Deux online as well as through the app on your phone.  Prepare to become addicted, and to suddenly feel the need to organise all elements of your life, simply because you can!


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock | FirstPoint USA

While this won’t help you get more sleep, Sleep Cycle does serve as an alarm clock on your phone that you place on your bed, waking you up during your lightest sleep phase, which helps you wake up feeling most rested and relaxed and ready for the day of college and training ahead.


Bread and Milk

Bread and Milk | FirstPoint USA

Simply put, this app allows you to organise and plan meals around a budget. The perfect app for anyone who needs to follow a strict meal plan!



Ever Note | FirstPoint USA

This popular app is revolutionizing notes as we know it. EverNote allows you to take notes and organise tasks with to-do’s, photos, voice messages and reminders.  Think of it as a digital notebook that doesn’t weight down your bag.



Studious | FirstPoint USA

Studious reminds you of deadlines you’ve set and, cleverly, silences your phone when you are in classes, based on your pre-programmed timetable.


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