Why College Is Cheaper
Ike- Valedictorian

Check out this inforgraphic on why college is cheaper and why it’s a great return on investment. The price of college education can also be lowered with a sports scholarship.            If you’d like to apply for a sports scholarship then contact FirstPointUSA today!      

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Making great starts in new surroundings!
U19 Women's International: England v Norway

Our clients have already been making their mark in America this season and we’ve been keeping up to date with their progress. First up is Karin Muya who has just started college life at Notre Dame. Karin, an England internationalist, had a huge debut game and was the key for the University of Notre Dame women’s soccer team last Friday night, leading the Fighting Irish to a 2-0 win over Santa Clara at Buck Shaw Stadium. Karin arrived at Notre Dame via Chelsea Ladies FC and we knew she’d light up the American college women soccer game after her performances at the FirstPointUSA showcase event last year. Check out this article on the Notre Dame Athletics site when Karin joined … Continued

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Settling in well into US college life

Our promotions team have been receiving tonnes of positive responses from our clients who are experiencing their first few weeks of American college life. For some it can be the hardest time, especially during their first tough pre-season and getting ready for new classes. Remember our staff are always here for support and advice. It’s wonderful to see so many great responses from our clients who are loving life in the US! Here’s just some of the feedback…   First up is Dom Gillespie who’s attending Salem University… Hi John Paul, Yeah everything is going great in Salem and I am really happy with my choice to come here, apologies for the late reply but we have been on the … Continued

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Client Feedback!
Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 16.05.44

Here’s the latest client feedback sent to us via social media. Keep it coming guys and good luck to everyone in America!   For other FirstPointUSA client testimonials click here! Thanks to everyone for their feedback. If you’d like to follow in their footsteps then apply to FirstPointUSA today!

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Sophomore and ready for round 2 with Emma Morris

Former client, Emma Morris took time out of her busy schedule to contact FirstPointUSA. This is what she had to say… This time last year, my American dream was beginning. I was an 18 year old Yorkshire born and bred, football mad, central defender about to embark on a 4 year journey to major in Sports and Recreation Management while minoring in Business Administration. It was not the first time I had moved away from home as I had already done so for my first year at college, but I had never even been to the States for a holiday, let alone to live there. My journey with First Point USA started back in February 2012 when I applied online; … Continued

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Stadium of the month – The Big House!

Our Stadium of the month goes out to Michigan Stadium, nicknamed “The Big House”, for obvious reasons. It is the American football stadium for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is the 2nd largest stadium in the United States, the 4th largest stadium in the world. This month it held a pre-season friendly game against two of the world’s soccer giants, Manchester United and Real Madrid. The scoreboard announced during the game an attendance of 109,318 during the match between the European Giants on Saturday.   In the top 10 largest stadiums in the world, Michigan Stadium comes in at number 4. In fact out of the top 10, 5 places are held by American Colleges/Universities. 1. … Continued

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“My heart desire to play soccer and study was granted” – Ike Ekwueme
Ike- close up jersey

  Former FirstPointUSA client Ike Ekwueme has enjoyed great success both on the pitch and in the classroom during his time in America. He’s taken the time to write about his journey…     The journey started off as far back as my high school days in England. In high school, Math’s, English and Science were not my strongest courses. I was in set 3 for these courses which was equivalent to the lowest rank. I wasn’t a bad student, but I had a little test anxiety, I was afraid of the unknown. But one day, I said to myself, enough is enough. I refused to be satisfied with a low position. So I set myself some goals. I said, … Continued

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