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ADP Soccer – Partnership

Here at FirstPoint USA, we are pleased to announce our partnership with ADP soccer, and are looking forward to working alongside Josh and his team. Throughout this partnership, we will be helping a number of ADP Academy players to secure sports scholarships across the states. ADP Soccer Academy (Advanced Development Pathway) was established in 2014 […]

Ruaridh McCall - Rugby

Welcome to FirstPoint USA – Ruaridh McCall

Ruaridh McCall is the newest rugby player to join the ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Ruaridh hails from Strathaven, and is currently in his final year of studies at Strathaven Academy. We recently caught up with Ruaridh to find out some more about his sporting background, why he wishes to pursue a scholarship to the […]

Wake up early

How to Wake Up Early and Get the Most Out of Your Practices

With summer soon coming to an end, shorter amounts of daylight and less-than-superb weather conditions will be coming into play. It’s not like athletes can skip getting up early for school and practice, so we’ve put together five top tips to make getting up that bit easier.   Adjust your bedtime All too often, people […]

Eleri Griffiths - Soccer Player

Welcome to FirstPoint USA – Eleri Griffiths

We’re pleased to welcome soccer player, Eleri Griffiths, to the ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Eleri hails from Saltash, Cornwall and attends Saltash.net Community School. We recently caught up with Eleri to find out some more about her sporting background, what attracted her to the idea of studying in the states, and her plans for […]

Callan Low - Basketball

Callan Low – Welcome to FirstPoint USA

We’re pleased to welcome Callan Low to the ranks. Callan is the newest basketball player to join us here at FirstPoint USA. Hailing from just outside of Glasgow, Callan is a former pupil of Gryffe High School and is currently studying at Myerscough College. We recently caught up with Callan to hear about his sporting […]

Toby Loveridge - Running Tips

Toby Loveridge’s Top 10 Tips for Distance Running

This is a guest blog, written by FirstPoint USA Sports Consultant, Toby Loveridge. Toby completed his postgraduate degree at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was ranked in the top ten in school history in every event over 1500 metres. Here, Toby shares his top 10 tips for distance running; both at home and in […]

Soccer Player - Haroldas Vaicekauskas

Welcome to FirstPoint USA – Haroldas Vaicekauskas

Haroldas Vaicekauskas is the most recent soccer player to join the ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Hailing from Lithuania, Haroldas began playing soccer at the age of 7. Haroldas instantly fell in love with the sport and was quickly winning medals, trophies and tournaments with his team – as well as being named captain. We […]

Rugby Player - Zack Beazley

Zack Beazley – Welcome to FirstPoint USA

Zack Beazley is the newest rugby player to join our ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Hailing from Oxford, Zack has lived most of his life in Erwarton, just on the outskirts of Ipswich. Zack attended high school at Holbrook Academy and was Head Boy for the duration of his Year 11. We recently caught up […]

Student Athletes Time Management

Time Management Tips for Student Athletes

New student athletes can often find it difficult at first to get into a routine that allows them to effectively balance their academic and athletic commitments. To help student athletes ease into their new role, we’ve put together some tips to help them juggle their commitments. Start with your goals In order to be successful, […]

Student Athletes - Sleep

How Sleep Helps Student Athletes

It is often joked about that we need our beauty sleep at night, but we really do need to get our sleep. A good night’s sleep will not only make you feel good, it will boost your mood and get rid of those bags under your eyes. It also helps to improve your heart, weight […]