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The True Value of Student-Athletes

Employers can often be found to be actively seeking former student-athletes to fill positions in their company. It could be because they have good time management skills, are fierce competitors, natural leaders, or because they have a great work ethic. However, these are not the only reasons former student-athletes are sought after by employers. The […]

Weekend Successes – A Client and Alumni Roundup

Over the weekend, we saw a number of successes for many of our FirstPoint USA clients and alumni.  Here we’ve put together a list highlighting just some of many recent achievements and successes.   UWA Men’s Soccer For the fourth year in a row, the University of West Alabama Tigers have captured the Gulf South […]

Traits student athletes should practice

Traits of Successful Student Athletes

  1. Self-Motivation This is something that nobody can do for you! Through your teammates, coaches, friends and family you will have plenty of support along the way, but in the end, you have to be your primary motivator. No matter how many people tell you to study or practice more, if you do not […]

Super Y League - FPUSA

Super Y League – Official Soccer Scholarship Partner

FirstPoint USA is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Super Y League as their Official Soccer Scholarship Partner. This will give the Super Y League the chance to provide the best opportunities for their athletes, with regard to taking the next step into collegiate soccer. “We are excited to announce our partnership with the Super […]

Laura Baker - Field Hockey

Laura Baker’s Top 10 Tips For Playing Hockey in the USA

This is a guest blog by FirstPoint USA Sports Consultant, Laura Baker; a former Virginia Commonwealth University field hockey student athlete. Having completed her Bachelors in Business Management and Masters in Sports Leadership degrees at the school, while also having a stellar playing career for the school, Laura continued to work for the University as a […]


College Athletes Are Not Getting Enough of This Vitamin

College football athletes don’t get enough vitamin D, potentially leaving them prone to muscle injury, according to a new study presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting. Researchers from the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York collected data from more than 200 players particpating in the NFL Combine, including their BMI, injury history […]

Evan Williams - Rugby

Welcome to FirstPoint USA Evan Williams

Rugby player, Evan Williams, has recently joined the ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Evan hails from Bridgend, South Wales and has attended both YGG Secondary School in Llangynwyd and Cowbridge Comprehensive School for his sixth form. Successfully transitioning from a Welsh to English education. Here, we caught up with Evan to find out some more […]

Brendan McGroarty - Rugby

Brendan McGroarty’s Top 10 Tips for Playing Rugby in the US

This is a guest blog written by FirstPoint USA’s Head of Clearing and Promotions, Brendan McGroarty. Brendan played rugby for his local club, Greenock Wanderers, from the age of 7 to 25. Today, Brendan is still enjoying a playing career in the top flight Scottish Premiership with Glasgow Hawks. Here, Brendan shares his top 10 […]

Student Athlete - Parent's Role

8 Simple Rules for Sports Parents

These 8 simple rules will help your child to become the next college student athlete. #1: Let your athlete take the lead Within the sporting world, helicopter mums can often be found over their child, and dads can be seen living vicariously through their kid. It is important that parents let their athlete become their […]

Division III

Why Division III Athletics Could Be Your Best Fit

It can often be the case that student athletes tend to focus on Division I or II athletic programs when they start thinking about applying to college; even if Division I is not a reality for them. Here, we take a look at Division III schools and why they shouldn’t be overlooked. Why Division III […]