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Interview With The University Of West Alabama’s, Kirsten Reilly!

Kirsten Reilly has made a huge impact on the pitch for the University of West Alabama. Last year she was awarded the prestigious “University Female Athlete On The Year”. She took time out of her very busy schedule to answer a few questions on life as a student athlete and what it takes to be […]


How Sleep Helps Athletes

People joke about needing to get their beauty sleep, but we truly do need to get our sleep. Not only does a great night’s sleep make you feel good, it boosts your mood and decreases those bags under neither your eyes. Sleep improves your heart, weight, and mind. Do you want to know what else […]


FirstPointUSA Client Round Up!

It’s been a great weekend for our clients in their various teams across America. He’s a round-up of how some of our players got on. Tom Sibbald – University of Midland Congratulations to Tom and his teammates for their 4-3 win over scored the winner for the University of Midland over Friends University. Tom scored […]


Track and Field at the Olympics

Across the thirty modern Olympic Games that have been held so far, track and field have been such a permanent feature they have almost became synonymous with the Games themselves. Ever since Thomas Burke and Ellery Clark won gold for the US in 1896, the world has been fascinated by greats from Jesse Owens and […]


How Coaches Evaluate Character in the Recruiting Process

College coaches are no longer only evaluating an athlete on their athletic and academic abilities, they are also looking to see what kind of a person you are. Coaches need to be sure an athlete will handle the transition to college well and having a high character recruit improves the likelihood of a recruit adjusting well. In […]


8 Rules For Parents Of Athletes!

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Earning after your graduation – best degree to study.

When choosing a school as a student athlete, its also important to view it from an academic sense, taking time to consider which subject you would like to major in. While in your current state of mind, your major may play second fiddle to your blossoming collegiate career, its always better to graduate armed with […]


Weekly Client Roundup!

It’s been a great week for our clients out in the US. Here’s a round up of some of FirstPointUSA’s soccer players. Adam Wilson – University of Cincinnati Former Rangers FC player Adam Wilson scores for the Bearcats in their 3-0 victory.   Max Todd – The University Of Illinois Chicago Max Todd scored in […]

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Choosing The Right College Course!

Choosing college courses is difficult for any student, but it is particularly challenging for student athletes who also must factor in their demanding athletic obligations.  Here are some tips to help you choose the right college courses which will advance your career – both academically and athletically. Structure Your Time To say that you are […]