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Mia Hamm

Mia Hamm, possibly the US’s best female soccer player ever, maintains that she owes all her success to the scholarship she received as a teenager. Mia attended the University of North Carolina, where she was a major player in the Tar Heels women’s soccer team. She states that her success at North Carolina was the […]


Life After College – A Coaching Career

After completing your four years at college, it can be confusing looking towards the future. Hopefully, you will be given the opportunity to become professional or semi professional, and you can continue to play your chosen sport – be it football, rugby, field hockey or golf. However, for some, coaching can provide a steady career, […]

Joseph Tobin Welcome to FPUSA

Welcome To FirstPointUSA – Joseph Tobin!

  Where are you from? Ros Muc, Co. Galway, Ireland   Your sporting background?  Currently two years with Salthill Devon Soccer Club, Drum, Galway. Ireland Previous three years with local Naomh Briocán Soccer Club, Ros Muc, Co. Galway. Ireland.   Your previous education? Received my Junior Certificate in 2013 and my Leaving Certificate in 2015.   […]


An American Education – The Minor/Major System

Unlike the UK, the USA’s collegiate system ensures that students have the flexibility to study things which interest them, no matter how unrelated the subjects may be. This is arguably best seen in the major/minor system employed within US schools, meaning that students are not required to declare a major field of study until the […]

Lewis BryceWelcome

Welcome To FirstPointUSA – Lewis Bryce-Maynard

We’d like to welcome golfer, Lewis Bryce-Maynard to the FirstPointUSA family! We caught up with Lewis to ask him his thoughts on his future with FPUSA and his outlook on student athlete life in America.  1. Where are you from? I am from Spey Bay, Morayshire, Scotland   Your sporting background?  When I was younger I […]

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My Time At FirstPointUSA – Rory Cleat (Media Intern)

I began my summer internship in the media-marketing department of FirstPointUSA on the 23rd of May and I’m sad to say that I’m finishing today, on the 15th of July. These eight weeks have absolutely flown by and I’ve had a very enjoyable experience within and out with the office. From the very first day […]


The 145th Open – Scholarship Focus

On Thursday 14th July, thousands of golf fans are expected to flock to the Royal Troon Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland, in order to catch a glimpse of the 145th Open Championship, which will be held there for four days, from Thursday to Sunday. Some of the world’s best golfers will be seen on the […]

golf-scholars | FirstPoint USA

Golf Scholarships And British Open Wins

The British Open was first played in 1860, on a small course in Ayrshire, Scotland, with only eight men taking part. Over the 156 years since the annual championships have been held, golf fans around the world have watched greats from Nick Faldo and John Daly, to Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, walk away with […]

Jamie Berrisford

Congratulations Jamie Berrisford!

    Where are you from and what’s your sporting background?  I am from Stonehaven, a small seaside town just south of Aberdeen.  I started playing rugby when I was 5 with Mackie academy FPRFC and stayed them until age 12 when we joined with Ellon RFC (another local club) and played with the joined clubs for […]


Danny Willett’s Career Highlights

In 2004, Danny Willett signed with FirstPointUSA  and a year later he left behind his life in Sheffield in order to attend Jacksonville State University, a public university in Alabama, where he had secured a golf scholarship. Here, he claims, would be were he would truly learn how to practice properly – managing his schoolwork with […]