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If you’re between 15 and 22 and want to turn your talent for maths into a career, a degree through FirstPoint offers incredible opportunities.

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  • 2,900 university partnerships
  • 8,000 students placed to date
  • 100% placement success rate since 2001

Economics, statistics, actuarial science, pure maths…there are many mathematical degrees that can lead to a fascinating and financially rewarding career. Graduates with the best qualifications can aim for the top in a number lucrative fields, including accountancy, retail banking, engineering, IT and investment management.

There is a huge number of schools offering exceptional mathematics degrees, including MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Oxford. And we can help you find the best place to start your journey.


A global leader, a professional service.

As one of the world leaders in securing international placements, FirstPoint has helped thousands of students pursue their talents. Taking away a time-consuming and complex process.

Our talent management team provide a personal service.

We’ll work with you and your family to find the right balance – academically and culturally. Then we’ll promote you to the right colleges, while our experts will be on-hand throughout the whole process to help you and your family make the most of this life-changing opportunity.

Nicola Isaac

Client Services Consultant
Nicola Isaac
Coatbridge College


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