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Secure your place at a US Sports Scholarship Trial.

Our Sports Trials

The first step in your journey to secure a deal to the USA is to attend one of our sports trials. We'll assess your ability and give you a presentation of what you can expect from a sports scholarship. If this sounds up your street, apply below.

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We are currently confirming dates and will add more shortly.

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We encourage parents to attend the presentation, watch the trial and meet with members of the FirstPoint USA team.

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What to bring to a trial?

All participants need to be dressed in proper sports attire and bring all items that would be need for a training session or game.  No boots or training gear will be provided.  We highly encourage participants to bring water and other snacks to keep them hydrated and energised throughout the session.  Changing and showering facilities will be provided.

REGISTRATION FEE: £20.00 (€20 in Ireland). This covers your insurance to participate in the sports trial

"This is an incredible opportunity to secure a deal to play top flight sports at a leading American university or college - the gate way to the professional game."

Why a firstpoint usa sports trial?

We've been helping potential sports stars of the future gain places at American Universities for many years now. Since 2001, we've secured scholarships for over 7,500 athletes; securing over $200 million in scholarship awards on their behalf in the process.