Sports Scholarships

There are two types of scholarship that you can receive.  One is called a 'full scholarship' and the other is a 'partial scholarship'.  

A full scholarship will mean that the university is paying for all of your tuition, accommodation, food, books and everything related to your sport. At some universities, a full scholarship can signal the investment of almost $400,000 in one, single athlete.  At FirstPoint, one in every four of our athletes will receive a full scholarship. 

A partial scholarship is just as it sounds; it is where the university are offering you a deal that will cover some, but not all, of the costs associated with attending the university.  If, for example, a university costs $50,000 and the coach is giving you a scholarship worth $45,000, then this is a partial scholarship as there is a $5,000 shortfall that the coach wants you to contribute towards the costs of attending the university.  Most partial scholarships come with the incentive that if you perform well, both on the field and in the classroom, then the coach can reward you with a scholarship increase and cover any costs that you had been contributing towards; thus providing you with a full scholarship.

There are also other scholarships that a university can offer (academic scholarships, for example) and these can be combined with a sports scholarships to cover the costs associated with attending a university.  It is worth noting that a scholarship will not cover the costs of your flight to and from the campus (personal travel) or any costs associated with the social aspect of life in America (shopping at mall, cinema, etc).