The application timeline

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Scholarship Timeline

Scholarship Timeline

Moving to a US college takes a lot of preparation. Typically, the application process starts between a year to 18 months before enrolment – around the spring term of the lower sixth for most students. But don’t panic if you’ve started the upper sixth and not begun your application. You’ll just need to work through these steps a little faster.

One year – 18 months before enrolment
  • Contact FirstPoint USA to arrange an initial consultation and establish your eligibility for a US college
  • Start researching universities to see where you’d like to apply – we can help with guidance and insight
  • Once you have a shortlist, we’ll decide whether you need to take an admissions test (such as the SAT Reasoning and/or Subject Tests or ACT)
One year before enrolment
  • Make sure you’ve sat an admissions test if you need to
  • Finalise the list of universities you’d like to apply to
  • Work with FirstPoint USA on your admissions applications
  • If necessary, we’ll assist you with the application for funding from US universities and external funding bodies 
  • Submit your applications. Early Decision (legally binding) and Early Action deadlines are generally in October/early November. Regular admissions deadlines tend to be in December/January
Lead up to enrolment (spring/summer upper sixth)
  • Receive your admissions decisions
  • Notify the universities of your decision and apply for your visa
  • August: Start studying