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Funding study in the US

Funding study in the USA

Degree courses in the US create amazing opportunities, but they’re also require a big investment. Before applying, it’s important to be fully aware of the costs involved – as well as all the funding options.

Typical costs




- $21,706 (£14,200) per year average – out-of-state public four year institutions (average)

- $29,056 (£19,008) per year average – private four year institutions (average)

- £9,000 ($13,750)

(Books, room, board, travel, etc for an academic year)

- $15,500 (£10,000) average

- LSE: £10,000 ($15,285)

- Oxford: £7,600 ($11,615)

- Manchester: £8,885 ($13,573)

There are many ways to fund study in the USA, such as:
  • Personal/family savings
  • Scholarships from external funding bodies
  • Loans from a US or UK lender
But a scholarship from a US university can cover all or part of these costs.
  • Over 900 US universities offered international students’ scholarship awards of over $10,000 per year
  • Of these, 195 offered scholarships of $20K-$30K per year, 80 offered $30K-$40K, 105 offered $40K+ and 183 offered a “full ride”
  • About 10% of international undergraduate students report a university scholarship as their PRIMARY source of funding


    Funding checklist
    • Assess your personal/family savings to establish the amount of funding you’ll need
    • Investigate university funding. Applying for funding often happens while applications are processed – US universities award funding on the basis of financial need (grants) and/or merit (scholarships), as well as sports scholarships
    • Choose your US universities carefully, as some may offer more financial aid, scholarships or even be in areas with lower costs of living
    • Scholarships – Many scholarships from external funding bodies can be thought of as niche scholarships, as they may be awarded based on very specific personal qualities outlined by the funding body
    • Enjoy doing volunteer work on the weekend, have a diverse background or participate in community theatre? There may be an organisation or university that is willing to reward you for who you are and what you like to do
    • Loans – the availability of US-based loans for non-US citizens is limited. Most programmes require non-US citizens to have a creditworthy US citizen or permanent resident to act as a co-signer. However, UK citizens can apply for a personal loan from a UK bank. Plus, US citizens can apply for US government loans via the FAFSA website and may be eligible for loans from a private US lender
    Potential funding resources

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