Scouting FAQ's

What's it like being a college scout?


FirstPoint USA requires an organized, focused approach with hard work. As a scout, your role is to find and pre-qualify prospects to ensure they have the ability to play at the next level, have the desire to play at the next level, are on a good academic track and conduct themselves properly at school and in the community. There are many, many athletes who fit this model, but you must find them through on-the-ground scouting.


What makes FirstPoint USA's success rate so high?


We are very particular about the scouts we bring on board and the prospects we enrol.  We are a hands-on scouting organization with scouts living in the areas or region they seek to identify talent.  You will see our scouts at games, matches or events scouting other prospects and checking up on your progress.  In other words, your scout is available to you for advice, to answer recruiting questions or to help you take the next step in the recruiting process with a coach or college. Your FirstPoint scout attends local and regional tournaments and other events, and many FirstPoint scouts visit college campuses and build personal relationships with college coaches.



Do I have to be an expert in all sports?


No, but you must have a good eye for athletic talent.  It would be impossible to be an expert at every sport. Your role is to find those prospects who, like described above, have the talent and desire to play college sports, good grades and character. Then, by helping parents to put together a comprehensive profile on the prospect, and through FirstPoint's promotional efforts, the coaches will do their own evaluations.  Once a college coach recognizes the prospect as one they would like to know and pursue, it is rare that the coach will seek your assistance. However, as a professional scout, you will always be available to your clients for advice as they proceed through the recruiting process.


Will I only be looking for DI prospects?


No. FirstPoint places prospects at every level of college sports.  We look for good student-athletes regardless of which level they eventually fit. It is important, though, to understand that in many ways Division I prospects need our help just as much as those at other levels. Many DI prospects and their parents are unable to get the word out to coaches nationally and they, like all prospects, have a difficult time getting video footage to coaches quickly — two objectives in which FirstPoint excels.  Moreover, many of DI prospects are not familiar with how the process works, how to decipher what coaches are saying in their letters and calls, and how to push aside the 'noise' and get to the essential details of recruiting.  FirstPoint scouts and office staff are experts in all areas of athletic recruitment. We are in the middle of the recruiting process 24/7/365.  That said, we can never predict precisely what will make one coach stop and evaluate a particular prospect and not another who may seem equally qualified. What creates that initial connection between a coach and prospect always has been, and continues to be, elusive even for the most experienced scout or coach.  But, from experience we know that if you are a qualified prospect, there is a fit for you. Some prospects find it on their first contact with a coach or their first campus visit. Others take longer and require more patience and diligence.


Will it help if I have good contacts?


Yes, contacts are good to have, but only to a point. They are good to set up introductions with coaches and prospects, but contacts don't enrol prospects for you. Parents enrol their children as prospects, and it will be your responsibility to demonstrate how FirstPoint can maximize their child's opportunities to be noticed, evaluated and recruited by college coaches.  Yes, our programs sell themselves, but there is a plethora of misinformation floating around parents and it can be confusing to them. A domineering, controlling high school, club or professional coach can create obstacles.  A family friend who may have gone through the recruiting process 15 or 20 years ago can cause confusion. They all may have good intentions, but make no mistake about it, recruiting is a specialized profession which only a few people in the country really have a grasp on.  Their advice can start families down the wrong path which can waste a tremendous amount of time.  Having played college sports does not make someone an expert.  Being a high school, club or professional team coach does not make someone else an expert. Being a game official does not make anyone an expert.  Only when a person is a college coach or certified college scout whose job requires being constantly in tune with recruiting rules and regulations can it be said they are an expert in how recruiting works.


Are high school, travel, and club coaches difficult to work with?


Not at all. A large majority of these coaches keep their role in perspective, understand that our role is not a threat to them, and therefore they do everything possible to cooperate with families that choose to get additional help in promoting their kids to college coaches. They see that their job is to make their athletes fundamentally better and to help them, through training, teamwork and competition, to become better athletes and people. They see themselves as mentors helping kids on a journey. They know that it would be virtually impossible to promote all their aspiring athletes to college coaches. They realize that the time required to construct personal profiles with statistical records, grades and accomplishments, along with copying and distributing video footage, which all college coaches need for evaluations, would be an all-consuming endeavour when they already work 70 to 80 hours per week.  As a scout you will discover that there are many coaches who will not only accept you as a FirstPoint scout, but who will welcome your contributions.


Can I be successful?


Absolutely. Being an FirstPoint scout is extremely rewarding. We can change the lives of our athletes, save most families thousands upon thousands of dollars and we can help turn college teams around with the signing of one key prospect.  In addition, because we work with prospects in all sports, we have an unlimited number of potential clients starting in the recruiting process each year. As word spreads about your success and FirstPoint's ability to secure suitable scholarship offers, your reputation with grow.