Abu Dhabi Basketball Scholarship Trials

We’re on the lookout for talented Basketball players who want to play and train at some of the best facilities in the world …

FirstPoint USA, the world’s leading international sports scholarship agency, are staging a series of Basketball assessment trials, giving you the chance to put yourself in the spotlight, showcase your talents in front of an audience of scouts, and secure a university playing contract in the USA.

You’ll also have the chance to speak to our team of former student-athletes about the incredible life-changing opportunities that a university Basketball scholarship can offer, and some of the amazing college and university campuses that are ready to welcome you.

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We are currently finalising the next dates please check back later.

Academic and Sporting Preparation

Targeting University Programmes

Connecting with College Coaches

Ongoing Pastoral Care

To date, we've sent over 35,000 young men and women to the US. Securing over £300 million in scholarship awards and finding a place for every single qualifying applicant.

Every year, thousands of student-athletes and their families come face-to-face with the difficult challenge of securing a scholarship to an American university. What they often discover is that navigating university options is stressful enough, and adding sports into the mix brings it to a whole new level.

Even for those who do a little recruiting homework, they are often left with more questions, very few simple answers and an uneasy feeling they are somehow falling behind.

At FirstPoint, we understand what you’re going through. Many of us have experienced first-hand what the scholarship recruiting experience is like—as players and as coaches. And that experience, combined with our advanced online technology, expansive college coach network and proven recruiting methods, helps thousands of student-athletes and their families take control of their recruiting experience.

Whether you are a first-year high school student or a national ranked athlete, FirstPoint helps take the stress of uncertainty out of your scholarship journey by putting a plan in place to help you find your best university options in the USA.

What do i need to know?


There is a £20 registration fee required on the day to participate.

321 Sports

321 Sports stands as the leading multi-purpose athletic facility nestled in the heart of the UAE, with world-class regulation basketball courts and modern amenities, this venue presents the perfect environment for our upcoming FirstPoint USA basketball trial showcase. Situated at the tip of the Al Hudayriyat Beach peninsula with views of Abu Dhabi’s world-renowned skyline and the Persian Gulf at either side, the playing experience at this location is unlike anywhere else in the world.


Boasting three outdoor and two indoor basketball courts created using the highest quality acrylic flooring and hosted within 321’s ultra-modern, state-of-the-art inflated air dome, 321 Sports venue presents a unique setting for our coaching and talent ID teams to put the players through their paces and present the life-changing opportunity that a sports scholarship in the USA can provide. 

Address: 321 Sports, Hudayriyat Leisure and Entertainment District Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates

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Frequently Asked Questions

FirstPoint USA will typically start working with clients between the ages of 15-22-years old. However, it is possible to secure a sports scholarship right up until the age of 24. Student athletes will not leave for the USA to begin their scholarship journey until they are at least 18 years of age, starting either in the Fall (August) or Spring (January).

  • Training gear – please come dressed to play
  • Suitable footwear for 3G or 4G surfaces
  • Water

Each event will normally last around 3 hours, from registration through to the debrief

  1. An introductory presentation on Basketball scholarships from our team
  2. On field introduction and warm-up session
  3. Position-specific drills with our experienced professional coaches
  4. Small-sided games to assess your talent and ability
  5. Review and feedback

After the event you will recieve feedback on your performance within 48 working hours, if you are succesful you will be invited to an interview at a local venue to discuss the process and your eligibility for a scholarship. If you are eligible you will be offered a place after the interview.

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