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If you’re looking at the possibility of securing a life-changing sports scholarship in the US, you’re in the right place. Our dedicated team of specialist talent management consultants have assisted thousands of young athletes propel their athletic and academic careers through successful partnerships with top U.S institutions. In addition to this, we also have robust processes and support tools in place to help you along the way, so we’re with you every step of the way.

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We have student-athletes competing in over 30 different sports

As the world’s leading US sports scholarship and university admissions agency, we have student-athletes in just about every sport and discipline you could possibly imagine. From field-hockey to soccer, golf, rugby, basketball and everything in between, the opportunities are endless.

What’s more, our international scouting partnerships span the entirety of the NAIA, NJCAA and NCAA – so we have access to the very best facilities and institutions at every level of collegiate athletics.

No one does student recruitment better than us

A 20-year track record of placing student-athletes into leading universities in the USA. We have a whooping 94% success rate securing scholarships and grants for student-athletes.


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Trial events are a great way to get your athletic ability assessed by us. We will give you a presentation of what you can expect from a sports scholarship. This is usually the best way to take your first step in securing an opportunity in the USA.

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Helping institutions find the right talent

We’ve placed over 50,000 student-athletes into successful athletic programs across the US, securing over $200m in scholarship funding in the process.

We place our institutional partnerships at the very forefront of what we do, so you’ll receive full-time support from our specialist partnerships team, in addition to benefiting from the following:

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It started off as a dream...

FirstPoint USA was created by Andrew Kean, a former All-American student-athlete at the University of Cincinnati, where he now proudly features within the Bearcat’s prestigious Hall of Fame alongside some sporting icons like NFL Super Bowl winner Brad Jackson, NBA MVP Oscar Robertson and Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Wineberg.

Having experienced the enormous opportunities provided to student-athletes firsthand, Andrew made the decision in 2001 to dedicate the rest of his life to opening those same doors for future generations, and so, FirstPoint USA was born.

Now with a team of over 75 highly dedicated professionals, we’ve been able to unite the collective internal experience to provide the most robust and streamlined service to our prospective clients.

Why people chose us?

We take huge pride in the work we do, and we ensure that comes across in our service. Each one of our specialist team are here because they believe in the opportunities we provide to young sportsmen and women, but don’t just take our word for it.