Megan obtained a soccer scholarship

Former Client – Megan Fae Wilson

Former FirstPoint USA client, Megan Fae Wilson went to the states on a soccer scholarship in 2013 and is soon due to graduate from Harris-Stowe State University. Megan took some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for us about life as a student athlete, dealing with homesickness and plans after graduation. Megan […]

Student Life – UK vs. USA

The USA offers a number of amazing opportunities for international students, such as sports scholarships, which they simply cannot get at home. However, there are many differences between the student lifestyle in the UK and USA. We have put together a short list highlighting some of these differences. University Spirit   Within the UK, extra-curricular activities […]

Student Athletes Stadium

Why Former College Athletes Find Success in the Corporate World

For many athletes, it’s difficult to imagine life after sports. However, there will come a day when every athlete will close his or her locker for the last time. This departure from organised sports is bittersweet, an ending of a tremendous era, but the start of many new adventures. Thankfully, former college athletes are well […]

Former Client – Andrew Kuchmeister

Former FirstPoint USA client, Andrew Kuchmeister, headed out to the states back in 2007 on a soccer scholarship. Andrew has now completed his time both in education and as a student athlete, but is still living and working out in the US. We recently got in touch with Andrew to find out some more about […]

Plane - Heading for College

What to Pack for College

Going to College, especially in another country is a time for new beginnings – and a chance for you to reinvent yourself…so why pack up all your old life and take it with you? Many freshmen make the mistake of over-packing when they first travel to their new college.  It can be a frightening and […]

US College Soccer

The History of Soccer in US College Sport

Soccer, a UK import to the USA, first began to be played on a collegiate level in the 1960s, with the smaller universities of St Louis and West Chester emerging as the first teams victorious in the sport. The St Louis Billikens first gained Harry Keough as their coach in ’67, almost two decades after […]

Golfer - Lewis Irvine

Lewis Irvine – Welcome to FirstPoint USA

Golfer Lewis Irvine has recently joined the ranks here at FirstPoint USA. Lewis hails from Burnside, Glasgow and has previously attended Burnside Primary School and Hutchesons’ Grammar School. Here, Lewis tells us a bit more about himself and why he was attracted to a sports scholarship and studying out in the US. Throughout school, Lewis […]

Maddie Cleat – 5 Things I’m Looking Forward to at Cal Berkeley

FirstPoint USA client and recent graduate of St Columba’s School, Maddie Cleat, has committed to a field hockey scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley. As Maddie only has a few months before she sets off for the states, we recently caught up with her to find out what she is most looking forward to […]

FRC Student - Ryan Birchfield

Former Client – Ryan Birchfield

Ryan Birchfield is a former FirstPoint USA client and has just completed the second year of his soccer scholarship at Feather River College (FRC), California. Ryan hails from Ipswich and is a former pupil of Chantry High School. We recently caught up with Ryan and he gave us an update on his experiences out in […]

History of Golf in College Sport

When collegiate golf first appeared in American universities, it was broadly identical to the sport’s origin overseas – exclusive to rich males only. This meant golf was first seen in Ivy League colleges, such as Yale and Princeton, which were among the first universities to win NCAA championships in the late 1800s into the 20th […]