How Much is Your Dream Golf University Worth?

Unashamedly competitive and in many respects worshipped – a love of college sport in the US is unlike anything else. Golf is the 7th most popular sponsored sport at US universities and colleges 1,328 US schools offer a golf programme – totalling 18,930 varsity athletes California, Texas and Georgia are the top 3 states earning […]

SAT Test Dates Cut

This morning, the College Board announced they are reducing the number of times the SAT is administered outside the United States. The decision comes after multiple cheating incidents overseas, particularly after the new SAT was released last spring. The College Board has made a couple statements about taking steps to address this matter. Last September, chief executive […]

University of Mary Washington Partner Austin Huns

FirstPoint USA partner institution, the University of Mary Washington, has reached an agreement with Major League Rugby pro team – the Austin Huns – to provide a pathway into the pro game for the Mary Washington players. In the first deal of its kind in the US, the Austin Huns will use the University of […]

Ahmed Mohamed & Brandon Sinclair

Brandon Sinclair, who hails from Wick in Scotland where he is subsequently the captain for the U17 academy side he is one of the latest talents from Scotland who join FirstPoint with the intention to join the countless number of Scots to make a large impact in the States. The Wick academy player (who happened […]

what is a redshirt

What Is A “Redshirt” ?

Something at FirstPoint USA we often get asked is “what is a redshirt” when it comes to US colleges and universities. Essentially a “redshirt” is an athlete who is withdrawn from a college or universities sporting events for a year to develop their skills and extend their period of playing eligibility by a year. The […]

Firstpoint USA Sport Scholarship

FirstPoint USA Sport Scholarship For Christopher Ball!

Christopher Ball from London has a good amount of pedigree when it comes to the “sports” that he loves and a Firstpoint USA Sport Scholarship sounded perfect for him. Christopher had soccer trials with three of London’s premium sides, Arsenal, Crystal Palace and QPR between 2013 and 2015. This is as well as playing for […]

soccer scholarships

Soccer Scholarships For Mohammed Mohammed & Paolo Cannonero

Both Mohammed Mohammed and Paolo Cannonero have intentions of securing Soccer Scholarships out in the States like hundreds of FirstPoint Athletes before them have. Mohammed who hails from London has dreamed of becoming a soccer player at a high level since a young age and has realised the importance of education alongside the sport he […]

soccer scholarships

Soccer Scholarships | Aaron Dargie and Callum Flinn

It’s a warm welcome to FirstPoint USA to Aaron Dargie who is the latest athlete to embark on one of the hundreds of soccer scholarships in the States. The Falkirk native aims to thrive on the soccer field upon his arrival in the US having played for the likes of Falkirk FC and Central Boys […]

college sport

College Sport On The Rise?

The NFL is without a doubt, the biggest of all US Sports. The whole college sport setup itself dwarfs other sports in the nation with coverage of it as in depth as we may see here in Britain with the Premier League. According to Sporting Intelligence, in 2015 the NFL’s 23 professional teams averaged over […]

Ben Mawby Sport Scholarship Athlete

Welcome To FirstPoint USA – Matthew, Ben And Daniel

There’s been an influx of talented sportsmen and women recently at FirstPoint USA looking forward to their various sport scholarships!  Gateshead Tyne and Wear rugby star Matthew Cooper has come on board with aspirations to play the sport he loves out in the States and get himself a degree with it just live lots of […]