What our Student-Athletes say about us

One of our core values at FirstPoint is “direct and honest communication.” In that spirit, we consistently get feedback from our families by asking “how likely are you to recommend FirstPoint USA?” Since 2016, we’ve received thousands of reviews rating our service, events and people.

"They've gone above and beyond "

Can't thank the guys at FirstPoint USA enough for helping my son get out to the US on a soccer scholarship. He's now in his second year in America and is loving it despite being homesick for the first few weeks! We spoke with multiple different companies before deciding which company to choose and although they weren't the cheapest, they've been with us every step of the way and only been a phone call or text message away if we had any issues. They never made any false promises or unrealistic expectations and delivered the service exactly as described. They've gone above and beyond to make sure we were well looked after every step of the way.

Sandra Mulhenny

"I couldn't be happier"

I couldn't be happier with my experience working with Firstpoint USA. Having just graduated from university in South Carolina, I am so grateful for the life changing experience and opportunities that have been available to me as an NCAA DI student athlete. None of which would have been possible without the expertise and knowledge of the staff at Firstpoint USA. Would highly recommend FPUSA to anyone thinking about going to university in the USA

Josh Hendry

"process has been made simple"

The FirstPointUSA team as a whole are excellent. The whole process has been made simple by their clear communication, especially Gemma Thomson who I worked with. The organisation in every aspect of their work is very good, and I would definitely recommend FirstPointUSA to anybody thinking about attaining a scholarship in the US..

Isaac Thomas

"Everything is going fantastic"

Everything is going fantastic over here and I am very happy with my choice to attend the University Of Mary Washington. Rugby-wise things are fantastic, we are 3-1 in our conference when the press were expecting us to go 0-9 in our new D1 conference. Academically there has been an adjustment period with this being the first time I have been in an academic setting in about three years but everything is slowly coming together.

Adam Thomson

"I couldn’t be happier here,"

I couldn’t be happier here, starting to make an impression on the team and got my first start on Saturday. The team here are something else, they are very decent, we beat Pfiffer which haven’t been beaten in 28 games, The rankings has put us at 2nd in the nation which we are determined to keep! unfortunately we got beat off of barry who was on an unbeaten run but our record is 7-1-1 which is still amazing.

The university is going good, gotten A’s so far. The mentality our here is so different, we finish training and then go straight to the library and because everyone is doing it i don’t feel like it is a chore.

I have changed my major from Psychology to International Business Management just due to the time I’m going to be in school as psychology would be another 7 years of education.

Callum Porteous

"thank you to all the help you have given"

Just a quick Hi, from Shaw university in North Carolina, just wanted to say thank you to all the help you have given me to get me out here. As we have started a new team from nothing we won't be playing NCAA div 2 matches until next spring but we've been training and getting ready for varsity football. I've really enjoyed my first month here and have already learnt a lot.

Zola Mafolo

"Thank you for the advice"

Thank you very much and I appreciate not only the time you have taken over this past 12-18 months but also the time of everyone else at Firstpoint who have played a part in getting me to the US.

Thank you for the advice, myself and my Dad are making a pack in which i will carry on the plane with me which will definitely include my I-20 document.

Sinclair Clinton

"I had a great experience in America"

Firstpoint USA are a very professional organisation. I had a great experience in America and that was largely down to the guidance I recieved from FirstPoint. Going into the process, I had very little idea of the process, but they kept me and my family well informed on all matters. I would recommend FirstPoint USA due to the huge network of contacts that they have, and the personal relationship they create with you.

Lewis Hawke

"Answered every question rapidly"

Nicola Isaac in the client services department was a great help with the process up to moving on to clearing stages. Answered every question rapidly and in detail, making everything I needed help with a lot easier.

Harry Brydon

"will do whatever is needed"

All members of the Firstpoint USA team are very patient, helpful and kind.

Nicola Isaac - an outstanding person, very helpful and kind, will do whatever is needed to help her clients, and guide them when they ate lost..

 Tony Healy

"The team are most helpful"

First Point USA were fantastic when helping me at every stage of the process for a soccer scholarship in the US. The team are most helpful and are always on hand to help, offer advice and do all they can to resolve any problems or questions you have. From my personal experience, Nicola Isaac and George Thompson were great, friendly and more than happy to help whenever they could, by replying promptly to any queries and helping in great detail. If you are looking to try and get a sports scholarship in the USA, I would highly recommend that First Point USA are the company to go through, as they will make the whole experience stress free and as easy as possible

Jack Walton

"All the staff were extremely helpful"

All the staff were extremely helpful and friendly and put a lot of work and time into the clients. Kris O Neil put an unbelievable amount of time and work into getting me the offer I wanted and was always there to answer any questions I had no matter what it was. I would highly recommend first point us a to any athlete looking to obtain a scholarship to the US as they will go above and beyond to get you the offer you deserve.

 Cian lynch

"couldn't be more helpful"

Great service, I am currently going through the whole process and the staff couldn't be more helpful with keeping me up to date with everything, including SAT preparation help. Nicola has been available the whole time to answer any questions I have and to offer me other info that might help me over to a college in the USA.

Ross Fairley

"helpful and professional"

I have just received my SAT results and am looking forward to the next stage of the process as the entire team and everybody I have worked with have always been helpful and professional. Nicola has always responded quickly with any queries I have and gave me advice throughout this intial stage of the process.

Ben Mawby

"Highly organised, Disciplined, Optimistic, Helpful, Professional, Intuitive, Smart team"

Highly organised, Disciplined, Optimistic, Helpful, Professional, Intuitive, Smart team. This is obvious that, you have to run your run, dont expect somebody else will digest your food, but you can shop the food together. the maximum somebody else can do for you is to show you a way or find some tips or maximum some real advice. But the real job needs to be done by you. Overall, together we shine more, go more distance, have more success rate, make less mistakes and also can watch each others back in tough times, its real form of integration. Sometimes the Lion goes alone for it's prey sometimes it goes with a team. Lets have it that way. Good team. Good Job. Nicola Issac, Callum are excellent people to work with, 'think' together with ! Experience yourself their professional 'guiding' company and help yourself ! Cheers.

Sharif Hasan

"the team at first point were extremely responsive"

I was quite late into the recruiting process for when I wished to head of to the states. However the team at first point were extremely responsive and helped loads in sorting everything out. Especially a huge thank you to Nicole and Kris in helping me to get to where I am today which is studying at WIU.

Andrew Byrne

"Firstpoint were a real help to me"

Firstpoint were a real help to me, especially since I was from the Isle Of Man. They came to the island to explain everything in interviews with my parents, which was a lot easier than retrying to explain everything myself to my own parents. During a time of any problem or issue we had with paperwork e.t.c they were fairly quick to respond. Finally Kris has always offered his help should I need it at any point throughout my scholarship. Many thanks go to all the team at Firstpoint USA.

Jamie Corlett

"friendly and very helpful,"

They provide a great service with the staff being friendly and very helpful, Nicola Isaac has also been a great help during any of the requests I have made.

Amelia H

"massive help in securing me a place at a great University"

Really enjoyed working with the team throughout the last year. Brendan McGroarty in particular was a massive help in securing me a place at a great University, despite joining First Point midway through my process. He worked extremely hard to catch up with where I was and I couldn't be more thankful for the help he has given me.

Sean Yacoubian

"I will continue to achieve my goal!"

All the staff I have been in contact have been really helpful, they have kept me updated about everything necessary and have answered all my questions to great effect! I could not be happier with the client services, I am in the client stage so far but I know with the staff at FirstPoint I will continue to achieve my goal!

Alex Baxendale

"cant wait to get out to the states"

Great Staff very helpful. Been working with them for a year now and they have managed to get me at least 5 offers. I have signed on to the University of Rio Grande in Ohio and cant wait to get out to the states next month!!! Simone and Brendan were very helpful and were always available to answer questions and replied to emails very quickly. This company are number 1 for what they do for a reason!!

Marcus Illingworth

"his constant work and effort"

I had a great time working with the team and especially Brendan as my personal advisor. Even though Brendan joined my journey half way through, his constant work and effort has gone completely unparalleled and without him I would not be going to the University I am.

ISharif Hasan

"I was met with very friendly and helpful staff"

I can't recommend FirstPoint USA highly enough. Right from the very start of the process I was met with very friendly and helpful staff. They provide top class facilities alongside high quality match footage which ensures coaches are seeing the very best of you from client games. I also played in their client showcase which gives coaches the opportunity to view you live and it was run perfectly over two days.
I worked with John Paul from the very start and can't thank him enough for how easy and stress-free he has made everything. JP has always been available to call throughout the week for help and to answer questions from both myself and family members. He's made difficult and confusing tasks seem simple which is down purely to his experience and understanding of the process.
They are definitely the company to go to if you're wanting a scholarship in the states.

Craig Buchanan

"extremely helpful and friendly"

FirstPoint have been great with me. I have recently accepted an offer to attend a university in Alabama and I could not be more grateful for the help I have received from FirstPoint. All staff I dealt with were extremely helpful and friendly. All queries I had were dealt with quickly and in a professional manner.

 Chris Brash

"Highly recommend for anyone thinking about getting a scholarship"

I found First Point USA very helpful. I knew I wanted to go out to America and I'm glad I went with First Point to help me achieve this goal. Every client game was well organised, especially the showcase events. The film footage they put together was second to none. I've never had any problems with the company whatsoever, any questions I asked they were answered by John. Anyone I've spoken to about First Point has only said good things. I had plenty options of where I wanted to go which I wouldn't of had or been in such a good position if it wasn't for the help of First Point sending my footage out and getting me in contact with the right people. Highly recommend for anyone thinking about getting a scholarship.

Luke Murphy

"The knowledge and experience of all their staff is first class"

I have always been highly impressed with the service offered from FirstPoint USA. The knowledge and experience of all their staff is first class. A major part of securing a scholarship in the US is having the right connections and knowing the right people, the depth of quality contacts FirstPoint USA has access to is incredible. I would highly recommend trusting FirstPoint USA to assist you in the amazing journey of attending University and playing sport in the United States.

Steven M

"above and beyond"

The staff would always go above and beyond to make sure you thoroughly comprehend the process in which you are going through and always there to guide you throughout each step in order to gain a scholarship

Raj Vjay

"I'm so excited to have another 3 years left in Miami"

I have just started my Sophomore year at the University of Miami after having the most exciting freshman year. I can't thank First Point enough for getting me to where I am today, I would never have been able to reach this stage without them supporting me through the intense American recruiting process. The exposure First Point gave me and the contacts they were able to introduce me to was perfect to reach the top schools. The experiences I have had even after just one year have been unbelievable and I'm so excited to have another 3 years left in Miami.

 Maisie Baker

"helped me throughout the process step by step"

First point usa Class, I made the process look difficult for myself as I wasn't ready to go the state so I kept delaying it but the staff really understood my decision helped me throughout the process step by step, answering emails is a plus 10, they always check their emails and answer to me as quick as they can, one staff called Craig Hughes rings me everytime am not answering emails to see if everything is alright and got in contact with the USCS coach for me, he's now like a father to me hahaha, Nicolle and Nicola in the start also helped me a lot. But what I really thought from the begining was with the money paid everything is included including the visa Process but well everything with them is good.

Benjamin Ansah

"I'm extremely pleased that we chose FirstPoint USA"

Our son has recently started studying on a soccer scholarship in the US. The whole US college process was new to us and FirstPoint guided us through all the necessary steps. FirstPoint were excellent from start to finish. Everyone, particularly our representative George, was courteous, helpful and proactive. The attention to detail was impressive. They made sure our son's profile was forwarded to colleges which offered the (unusual) major he wanted to take, while also checking that he would be a good fit for their teams. When some potentially serious communication difficulties arose in the States, George sprang into action and resolved the situation with speed and efficiency. I always felt FirstPoint was on our side, right behind our son and determined to find him the best possible college options: they responded immediately to calls, texts or emails and were always ready to listen and advise. I'm extremely pleased that we chose FirstPoint USA and I'm very happy to recommend them.

Janet Gilbert

"their team who guided me to getting my scholarship"

I have been with FirstPoint for a year now and they have been fantastic. All the way through the process I have been in contact with helpful members of their team who guided me to getting my scholarship at Rio Grande in Ohio. My clearing agent John Paul was particularly helpful; responding to emails and phonecalls quickly and always ensuring that my process was continuosly moving forward. 
I couldn't reccomend FirstPoint highly enough to anybody who is wishing to achieve a scholarship in the states.

Raj Vjay

"All the staff are very reliable, hard working and do the best that they can"

Very good experience working with Firstpoint. All the staff are very reliable, hard working and do the best that they can to help you achieve a scholarship in America. You are taken through the process with someone there to help you at all times, and they make sure any worries that you have at any time are put to ease right away. Would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of trying to get a scholarship over in America to get in touch and use Firstpoint USA

Tom Shepherd

"I achieved what I wanted thanks to them"

Working with First Point USA was a very good experience, the staff were all friendly and ready to help if you are in need of help. And they are always looking to give you the best. I achieved what I wanted thanks to them.

 Chinenye Obasi