FirstPoint USA is the one of the world’s largest and most successful sport scholarship services because our focus is has always been to find the best university options for our student-athletes, matching their academic, athletic, and financial needs.  We refer to this as the ‘Holy Trinity’.  Securing the right university can launch a lifetime of success and its opportunities such as this that the FirstPoint team are here to create.

What sets FirstPoint apart is our comprehensive approach that addresses every phase of the recruiting process for international student-athletes.  We understand that while each scholarship journey is unique, they all benefit from a systematic approach to hit key milestones and reach the ultimate goal of becoming a scholarship athlete.

Every FirstPoint student-athlete can expect to play an active role in their scholarship journey. And, like every sport, recruiting demands the same level of commitment, patient, persistence and competitive spirit. The following briefly outlines the typical recruiting journey with FirstPoint USA.

  • Setting Family-Wide University Goals
    It’s important we hear from you the goals you’ve set as a student-athlete. For many families, this is often the first time they’ve sat down together to discuss what kind of university experience they envision. This is a great starting point and allows us to set expectations and start to make recommendations and build an individual plan.

  • Review and Plan for Academic Eligibility
    Academics are an essential part of every recruiting effort. We’ll go through NCAA, NAIA, & NJCAA core academic requirements, convert your grades into a Grade Point Average (GPA), discuss your academic results, and look at ACT and SAT testing to recommend a plan of action to maximize your academic standing.

  • Create your FirstPoint Digital Profile
    We will build your online profile together.  This is how you can quickly get exposure to college coaches who are actively scouting for talent. Your profile will feature basic physical specs, key stats for your sport, academic info, a personal statement, and also your highlight and skills videos.

  • Compile Video Highlights
    Just about every sport will require video highlights or basic skills so coaches can get a good sense of your athleticism.  You can easily upload your digital profile and we can help by providing feedback and tips for any videos you wish to post.

  • Targeting to Determine Best University Match
    A dedicated member of our Talent Management Team will oversee your entire scholarship journey, from your first days, right through until your graduation from university four years later.  As a scholarship expert in your sport, they will evaluate your sporting and academic background to determine both the academic pedigree and athletic level of university to target and secure scholarship opportunities from on your behalf. 

  • Connecting with College Coaches
    Our convenient message centre lets you easily track and organize all of your college coach emails. It’s easy to see what’s been sent and the responses you’ve received. Of course, we’ll provide all the communications training you need, including one on one coaching sessions.

  • SAT Test Preparation
    Better test scores can help create more university options and potentially more merit-based scholarships.  For that reason, SAT Test Tuition is available to all FirstPoint student-athletes, including practice tests, testing strategies, and general guidance and advice.

  • Preparing for University Visits
    You only get to make a first impression once, and we’ll make sure you’re prepared for both official and unofficial visits. Through one-to-one coaching sessions from your Talent Management Consultant, we’ll tell you what to do and, more importantly, what not do during these visits.

  • University Application, Planning and Student Visa Guidance
    Student-athletes, like all potential college freshmen, need to be well-versed in the college application process and know how to get the most from financial aid. We’ll provide guidance with the The Common Application as well as how and when to complete your financial aid and student visa application.

  • Evaluate and Leverage Scholarship Offers
    If all things go according to plan, there may be more than one scholarship offer to consider. We will help guide and inform your decisions, assist to leverage offers, and figure out how and when to turn a verbal offer into a written commitment.

  • Pastoral Support
    From the moment our student-athletes arrive in the US, and from their first day of class until their last, FirstPoint will provide pastoral support for all right through until their graduation.  Any questions, issues, or concerns can be addressed by our dedicated team who are only a call, text, or email away.


Every student-athlete’s scholarship journey is truly different, but, with FirstPoint, you will have access to the right people, the right expertise and the right network to help your family make one of the most important life decisions.