We’ve recently revamped our service and pricing to meet the needs of all student-athletes.  We understand how critical a university education is, and we’ve developed tools and resources to help every family get their student-athlete into the right university in the United States.

Scholarship Solutions for Every Family

See what FirstPoint’s free and premium services can do for you.


The No.1 online tool for future scholarship athletes to search and apply for scholarships.

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Access to our custom-build digital scholarship platform.

Build personal profile and upload performance footage.

Review and compare US colleges and universities.

Apply for sports scholarships.


Dedicated, personalized support throughout the sport scholarship process with.

£ 2,995
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Working with our highly experienced team of consultants

We will edit fullgame footage for use in your promotion.

Athlete marketing & promotion to extensive network of US college coaches

We guarantee a minimum of 3 university or college opportunities

Converting your UK education results into US equivalent for application

Qualify whether candidate has required ability to obtain athletic scholarship at various levels

Advise and support on navigating the eligibility regulations

Placement at US institution with the right fit and preparing all necessary documents

Support in sourcing academic scholarship and funding options

Participation in our Annual Soccer Showcase attended by US Coaches

Advise and support on navigating the eligibility regulations

Support in preparing your university application to each US college/university

Assistance in preparing and applying for your US study visa

On-going support and communication throughout the full tenure of your education

An enhanced profile with added verification status visible to coaches in the US


Our most comprehensive and bespoke support from a dedicated team delivering guaranteed results, inclusive of SAT Test Prep & Tuition

£ 6,495
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Assisting with your preparation to sit the standardised SAT tests

Official athlete brand creation and development via creative partners Varsity Six

Consultancy on new NIL policy and first endorsement deal through FirstPoint

What our Student-Athletes say about us

Jude Swailes
Tustpilot 5 Stars
"really helpful and cared"

I asked a few people on who to contact to help me with getting through to a scholar in USA, everyone mentioned First point USA! They were really helpful and cared from the start as I had a zoom meeting, not just caring but were really honest and thorough with what they do. I mainly spoke to Craig at first point... top bloke! He helped me with specific requests on where I wanted to go in America and within a matter of weeks I was where I wanted to be. Would recommend First Point USA to anyone trying to get a scholarship in America.

Jude Swailes

Katie Godden
Tustpilot 5 Stars
"there is no comparison"

Have to say very impressed with the help and service we have received. Having had experience of another company who offer same service can honestly say there is no comparison. FirstPoint are genuinely interested in their athletes will walk you through the process and give you the best advise. Gemma is our contact and has been wonderful. Sign up early is best advise so you can understand what exams you should be taking for your best outcome. Playing footage is paramount.Would definitely recommend .

Sandra Godden

Josh Hendry
Tustpilot 5 Stars
"I couldn't be happier"

I couldn't be happier with my experience working with Firstpoint USA. I am currently in my junior year at university in the USA and this wouldn't have been possible without their help and support. I am competing at the NCAA DI level and gaining opportunities that would otherwise not have been open to me. At the end of my four years I will have gained an excellent degree whilst competing at the highest level in my sport(T&F). Would highly recommend FPUSA to anyone thinking about going to college in the USA

Josh Hendry