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Scottish Bearcat Talks about UC Experience

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Andrew Kean was a highly accomplished youth soccer player in Scotland in the mid-1990s who accepted UCs offer to come to the U.S. and help the Bearcats soccer program take a big step forward. In the process, he became the programs first All-American, led the team to its first-ever NCAA Tournament in 1998, and was inducted into the James P. Kelly, Sr., UC Athletics Hall of Fame in 2010. Here, Andrew talks about his UC experience.

On how life is better because of attending UC:
Without any exaggeration or hesitation at all, I can say my life changed for the better by being a University of Cincinnati student as well as a student-athlete. The UC soccer team was touring the United Kingdom when I met my future wife, Allyson, who is Scottish hows that for irony? I enjoyed the culture at UC, where I learned about seizing opportunities and working hard to become better. And since returning to Scotland, Ive seen that theres a sort of golden thread between the generations past and the athletes and students at UC now, which I really appreciate.

On feeling part of UC even when living across the ocean:
After having been part of something so positive as a student-athlete, when you leave you worry that you might become detached from it. I dont want that to happen. So while Im thousands of miles away in the United Kingdom, in the carpark of my office theres a University of Cincinnati Alumni sticker on my car. I talk about the university every single day to kids who are interested in opportunities to go to the States. Contributing keeps me involved as an alumnus, and it feeds the hunger I have to be part of the UC family.

On the UC family:
I talk about the family the university and the athletics department because when I came to UC from Scotland, I didnt have any actual family there. For four years, my family was my teammates, their parents and cousins and sisters and uncles, the medical staff, the compliance staff, Larry the superfan who came to the games and danced and sang It was everyone who was so important to the program such a great thing to be a part of. I almost get jealous when I see other kids have the opportunity to go there now, and they have absolutely no idea of the terrific four years ahead of them. I would pay good money to have another shot at it, thats for sure.

On supporting the university and soccer program as an alum:
Whether the resources were easily available or not, providing support to the school and the soccer program is something Id readily do, simply because I appreciate my opportunity even more as the years go on. Things have come on by leaps and bounds since I left, with the campus ever changing and evolving. The opportunities now at UC are far greater than when I was there. So Ill certainly try to help other student-athletes have their opportunity, whether theyre from Alabama or Aberdeen, Scotland.

On feeling pride as an alumnus:
The Proudly Cincinnati slogan is quite appropriate because I dont think there are many schools in the U.S. with such a proud and active alumni family, over and above athletics. And its not just UC its Cincinnati itself, too. I said during my UC Hall of Fame speech
that athletes learn to appreciate that its not just your team youre playing for actually youre part of something much bigger than just a sports team. Its hard to put into words, but theres a different attitude at the University of Cincinnati. Its just a fantastic place to be.

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Interview is from UC Where You Are Blog. You can view it here.

Check out this video of Andrew Kean as he was inducted into the Hall of Fame

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