Client Game - Friday 8th July at Toryglen

14-Jul-2011 | 1 min read

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Thank you and well done to all of those who participated in Friday's Client Games at Toryglen.

As always with our FirstPointUSA clients, there was an excellent standard of player....but only one from each team can stand out as our coaches Man of the Match!

FPUSA Sports Consultant Simone Enrici has nominated :

Sean Patterson (White, 9) as his Man of the Match.

Simone had this to say of Sean's performance:

"I was impressed with Sean's movement on and off the ball. He showed great work ethic throughout the game and took his chances well."

Our Client Services Consultant, Craig Hughes has nominated:

Richard Hassan (Red, 9) as his Man of the Match.  

Craig had this to say of Richard's performance:

"Richard looked sharp and caused the defence a lot of problems with his movement and link up play."

Well done to both Sean and Richard!

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Allen MacDougall

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