FirstPointUSA Process

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Apply today to see if you have what it takes to head off to the USA on a FirstPointUSA athletic scholarship!

At FirstPointUSA we specialise in bespoke marketing, guidance, and scholarship campaigns throughout the entire recruitment process.  We also provide a unique and comprehensive service to place sportsmen and women on American Scholarships.  The success of this service is unmatched anywhere else.

The Process

1. Apply to FirstPointUSA
2. One-to-One Interview/Presentation : Evaluate academic and sporting background
3. Sporting Assessment : Evaluating your performance
4. Compare application with other successful candidates
5. Are you a good scholarship candidate?
6. Your application is accepted or declined in writing
7. Your decision-making period.

Months 1 - 3

  • Review completed Pro Forma, reports and footage from Consultant
  • Calculate approximate GPA (Grade Point Average) of client.
  • Determine eligibility status within the NCAA, DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and NJCAA
  • Consider academic, sporting, and social needs and begin shortlisting suitable US colleges
  • Develop marketing and promotional strategy

Months 3 - 4

  • Release initial promotional materials to shortlisted colleges and establish contact with coaches
  • Release password/username details for online client profile

Months 4 - 10

  • Manage interest from US college coaches daily
  • Update consultant on interest and progress brokering scholarship
  • Advise client of options and assist with decision making process
  • Client commits to US college
  • Client begins admissions process with college

Final Stages
  • Instructions regarding the US visa process are provided to client
  • US visa appointment booked
  • Pass file to PR staff
  • Final checklist

FirstPointUSA Service
Since 2001, we have assisted over 3000 athletes with their placement on scholarship, sourcing over $100 million in financial assistance on their behalf.  Working with over 2000 American academic institutions and sports programmes, FirstPointUSA is the premier service provider of it's kind.

Once you apply, we assess your academic and sporting goals and determine your suitability for the sport scholarship experience.  We can then decide whether to offer you a place.  We will meet you personally and spell out exactly what being a collegiate athlete in the United States means.

Uniquely, as a FirstPointUSA client you have the right to reject any scholarship offers and still maintain your place on the programme, for the remainder of your service agreement.  Because we only recommend clients who are suitable student-athletes and potential scholarship material, colleges trust our judgement.

 Our Service

  • A dedicated one-to-one consultant
  • Academic conversion and calculate GPA
  • Creation of professional online profile
  • Professional & bespoke sports footage
  • Compliance, eligibility & clearing
  • Bespoke marketing & promotion
  • Live alerts when coaches view your profile
  • Exposure to over 25,000 US college coaches
  • The Clearing Department
  • Negotiation of scholarship offers
  • Admissions assistance
  • US Visa & SEVIS process
  • 15 Week Pre-Scholarship conditioning, strength and fitness program
  • The 'Scholarship Bible'/Client Manual
  • Showcase films - watched by coaches
We will strive to grow the number of scholarship offers and finalise as many deals as possible.  We rely on placing clients on scholarship to allow new applicants one of the available slots.  If accepted, you will enjoy the benefits of our service before being placed on scholarship.
Within this time, you will be assigned a personal Sports Consultant to guide you through the initial stages of the scholarship process.  Later, you will be passed to our Clearing Department for the final stages.  These include compliance, eligibility, the SAT exam, short listing, the marketing campaign and the student visa process.

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