A Day In The Life.....

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This is an example of a day in the life of a student-athlete attending one of America's leading academic and sporting institutions, Oakland University. "My name is Chris Edwards and I am a senior who plays soccer for Oakland University, or should I rephrase that to say I used to play soccer for Oakland University. The fall was my last season and it definitely upsets me to think my days of being a student-athlete are over. However, as my college career has come to an end my new career as a professional player begins. I'd like to spend a few minutes describing a typical day in the shoes of a student-athlete: 05:45 The alarm rings. It buzzes and buzzes and does not stop. Although I am just now hearing it, I know it has been going off for at least a whole minute. I open my eyes, sit up, and turn it off. Barely awake, I perform my daily morning rituals, change into running clothes and get in the car. The clock reads 5:45am as I drive in the dark and freezing cold to training. I make my way to the Stadium, where my destiny awaits. My team-mates meet me inside. My coaches arrive just a minute before the worst begins. I still havn't spoken. I just run, run, and run until it all ends. 07:08 I'm back in the car: and the clock reads 7:08am. I drive home, shower, eat, and change into the typical student-athlete uniform: sweatpants and our black Adidas fleece. I walk to campus for an 8am class. I sit at the front, focus and learn. I realize the importance of my education and I know why I am here. I try to speak with each professor before or after class to build a bond with them. I want their support and their understanding. The classes go well and they end at 12:30. 13:46 I walk home, eat lunch and start some studying for an exam tomorrow. After studying, it is time for practice. I get in the car again at 13:46 and drive back to the soccer stadium. I give my best effort as I want to win, and we want to be Grizzly Pride. After training I spend some time in the Sports Medicine Centre getting a massage, and then the team meet up with the Sports Psychologist to run through this week's games. 16:43 Practice is over and I drive to Memorial Stadium, walk to the weight room and get to work. I'm ready for dinner, so I lift efficiently. my coach and I discuss my calorie intake for the rest of the week. I need to gain more power and strength, so a nutritional package is put together for me. Once lifting is over, my team-mates and I walk across the football field. It is dinner time. We eat, have a laugh, and spend time with the other athletes. 18:29 I get back to the house, shower, change and start studying. My mum calls from home and fills me in on what has been happening with friends and family. I have been away for so long now that I no longer miss home, but it's great to catch up. I know that I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime here at Oakland. 22:17 I get ready for bed. I set the alarm and try and get some sleep. After my exam tomorrow the team will meet at the Athletic Department before heading to the airport. We have a couple of games in California and will be away for a week, so I need to make sure I have all of my course work with me. Being a full-time athlete is tough enough, and being a full-time student at the same time is extra-challenging. I wouldn't change it for the world!"

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