Charlie Jones

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We love to hear stories about our former clients, and how well they are doing in the USA. Charlie Jones, ( shirt number 22 in the image below ) is a great example of one of our former clients doing well. Charlie Jones initially secured a soccer scholarship to Lincoln College, but has since transferred his scholarship across to Stony Brook University in New York. Lincoln College competes as a Division II member of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, whereas Stony Brook University competes at Division I level. At Lincoln College, Charlie was only one of a number of students to make the Deans list and his ability in soccer, helped to take his team to the National Championships in Texas, where his team finished 5th in the Nation. The opportunity to further study, and a soccer place was then offered by Stony Brook University where Charlie is currently, and is excelling in both his academic studies, and in his athletics. At FirstPoint USA we always endeavor to place our clients to a college or university which best suits them. Charlie's hard work has certainly paid off , and his story will certainly stand to be an inspiration to any young student-athlete hoping to go out to the United States on a scholarship. We caught up with Charlie to hear about his experiences in the USA : What was your sporting background before going out to the USA? Before I came out to the USA, I was playing in theconference northfor Stafford Rangers. I was the captain for the reserve side and broke into the first team as a 17 year old. Please describe your athletic career since going to University. My athletic career has been very enjoyable, as well as being a greatexperiencethat has helped me grow as a player. I have also had the opportunity to travel to many different places throughout America because of the soccerschedule. It has been very exciting, and a greatexperience. Please outline your highest accomplishments throughout your athletic career I attended Junior College for my first two years at Lincoln College, where my freshmen year was adisappointingsoccer year for my self and ended short. In mysophomoreyear, I went into it feeling as though I knew more about the American game. That season, we finished with 21 wins, 4 draws and just 2 loses. We made the Nationals Championships for the NJCAA for the first time in the schools history and fished 5th in the Nation! I thentransferred to a D1universityin NewYork, where in my first season we won the American East Conferenceandqualifiedfor the NCAA tournament. I have won 2 championships so far in my 3 years and I'm looking forward to seeing what my senior year has to offer. What are your future plans? I am still unsure of myfutureplans. At the moment, I'm focused ongettingmy degree and seeing where my soccer career takes me. What would you say are the benefits of having an American college experience? I feel that I have grown, not just as a soccer player but as a person. I feel moreindependent and I feel that I can reply on myself . The American college experience has helped me to do this. What was the highlight of your time in the USA? I have met many difference people from many different U.S states and countries, who have made this experience easy and enjoyable for me. My team mates and their families are quick to welcome you to their house whenever you are homesick. So, I would have to say that the friends that I have met have definitely been the biggest highlight for me. What made you apply to FirstPoint USA? I initially heard about FirstPoint USA through a teammate at Stafford Rangers - he had recently applied, and I liked the sound of theopportunitythat was madeavailable. Were you pleased with the offers you were made? I found FirstPoint USA online and sent a few emails to find out more. I wasn'tsure how the American system worked, or which schools were the best ones to attend. I chose Lincoln College because my team mate from Stafford Rangers played there so we went together. I was happy that I was going out there with some one I knew well, and as my time went on in America I knew more about how the system worked. After I graduated fromjuniorcollege, I knew I was going to go to a D1 University. After my time at Lincoln, I had many differentoffers from a number ofdifferentschools,and it was a harddecisionto make - but I was happy I hadchosen Stony Brook University. Would you recommend FirstPoint USA to others? I wouldrecommend FirstPoint USA topeopleand I have already done so. What would be your advice be to any young athletes considering an American scholarship? If you get the chance to go, then take it! My friends back home all wish they had the change to have the experiences I have had, whilst they are still young. It helps you to build a better future and it also gives you the opportunity to do what you love - to play competitive soccer everyday! Well done Charlie, and thank you for checking back in with us! We wish you continued success at Stony Brook University, and for the future!   Are you currently out in the USA? Or, have you graduated from University, having been through the FirstPoint USA program? Do you have a story to share?.....We'd love to hear from you! Contact Kirstine at

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