FirstPoint USA Athlete of the Month - January 2012

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Congratulations to Lucy Cunningham who has been nominated by our staff as the very first "FirstPoint USA Athlete of the Month" for January 2012. Lucy, who currently plays with Everton Ladies FC, has recently secured a Soccer scholarship to the University of Memphis, in Tennessee. Although, we regularly hear many success stories and have many outstanding athletes on our program, Lucy has been nominated by our staff as Athlete of the Month, for January. "Lucy is a very talented right back, who is lightning quick. Her attack from the back is very dangerous and is a weapon for any team. Off the field, Lucy has always been a pleasure to work with. She has done everything we have asked of her with no problems and is always a pleasure to speak with. She is easy to get in contact with, and is eager to listen to all advice and guidance we support her with. She is very switched on about the process in America, and about what is expected of her. She is extremely driven and passionate about playing at a high level in the States and has now secured a scholarship to The University of Memphis. I have no doubt that Lucy will enjoy success throughout her time in the U.S. Good luck Lucy!" -Nicole Montoya (Client Services, FirstPoint USA) We caught up with Lucy to find out more about her and her scholarship to the University of Memphis: Sporting background "I have played football ever since I was little with my two older brothers and cousins, as we all lived on the same road. We would play every night after school. In school, I would play every break time with all the lads! When I was 12 I played for local side, Redgate Rovers until I was 15. I was scouted for Merseyside U16's and at the same time got involved in Everton Centre of Excellence U16's. The following season I moved up into the Reserves who I currently play for."
FirstPoint USA
"I had been thinking about going to America since I was 15 but as I progressed with Everton, my interest faded. However, I was then informed about FirstPoint USA by my tutor in college and he encouraged me to think about the possibility of America again and put me in touch with them."
Soccer Showcase
"I thought the showcase game was a lot of fun! Everyone was veryaccommodating and the facilities were great. The FirstPoint USA staff and coaches looked after us well, making sure we were warmed up correctly and helping us to relax before our game."
Choosing a University
"This wasdefinitelythe hardest and biggestdecisionI've ever made. For me, it was important to go to the States to challenge myself, and to develop and learn as a player. I had interest from some really good Universities with amazing facilities which were very attractive. The University of Memphis got in contact with me quite late in the process of finding a university, but once I had looked at the set up and standard of the team it was too hard to say no. I felt that after speaking to the coach a couple of times and finding out what he was like we got on well and i was sure that he would help push me to my limits and get the best out of me."
Goals! "My goals out of attending The University of Memphis are: to become a better player, to fight for a regular spot in the team, to go on to play for my national team and potentially play for a professional team after I leave. I hope to enjoy it, meet amazing people and have a continued life in the States."
The FirstPoint USA program
"I came into the program quite late, so i did a few things back to front! The FirstPoint USA staff were extremely helpful in getting me sorted and up to date to ensure that I waseligibleto go. I was always able to ring up or email and ask for advice on any situations, and they were very easy to speak to. There are staff there who have been through what I was going through, and I found this reassuring to be able to ask for their advice. Barry Neville and Nicole Montoya were especially helpful in aiding me to make my decision.
I wasdefinitelyoverwhelmed by the offers I had - it was very unexpected! At the same time I was relievedto have so many options available to me. Many offers I had weresignificant, which allowed me to be more picky with where i wanted to go.
I would definitely recommend FirstPoint USA to anyone who was interested in persuing a University degree in America. They were extrememly helpful and I felt they had a genuine concern for me and ensuring that I do as well as I can."
Lucy's Advice
"Give yourself enough time! Haha! its a longer process than I first thought.... and be organised!"
Kevin McCann was Lucy's appointed Sports Consultant at FirstPoint USA, and was pleased to hear the news about her scholarship to the USA :

"Lucy Cunningham played in the 2011 Showcase, and blew everyone away! She showed us all how talented she is and, even though she comes from such a high level, she is very down to earth. Lucy has been great to work with, and I wish her the best of luck for her time in the USA."

- Kevin McCann (Sports Consultant, FirstPoint USA)

Lucy has certainly made an impression on all of our staff here at FirstPoint USA, at each stage in the program! Barry Neville from our Clearing department played a key role in promoting Lucy to universities in the States, and for matching her to her chosen University in the end. "Lucy was very easy to work with from the moment she came onto the FirstPoint USA program. She showed a lot of hard work and dedication to complete her task lists very quickly, expediting the process. Any extra information we needed or tasks were also dealth with very quickly. We are delighted that Lucy has been able to secure a scholarship to such a prestigious University." - Barry Neville (Clearing Department)We would love to thank Lucy, for taking the time to let us in on her story, and we wish her every success in the United States. The University of Memphis

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