How to become a better College student

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1.†††† Stay Dedicated Itís easy to slack off, especially if a particular class seems easy.† It's tempting to take classes that are easy to get a little bit of a break, but donít let that one easy class give you a bad attitude about your actual degree program. 2.†††† Make Friends They can help you get through the hard times. You will need people around you who support and care for you. Make friends with like interests and personalities that mesh well with yours. 3.†††† Partying really isnít the answer. It might be fun for the night, but you might live to regret it the next day!† Itís okay to have fun, but do it safely and responsibly.† Sleep is very important for your health, so make sure you have enough to be able to be fresh and alert in class! 4.†††† Use caution when it comes to serious relationships They can take a lot of time away from studying and devastate you when they end just before a big test. Having a relationship can be good for you, but be careful of how much you invest in it! 5.†††† Remember to enjoy your experience. College is unlike anything else. Donít go through it with blinders on and avoid all of the great things that you could learn about life while youíre there. Beat stress and get involved with extra-curricular activities/ groups or societies that you find interesting.† It's a great way to meet like-minded people, expand your horizons and get into the college spirit! Itís not always easy to be a good student because there are so many distractions in life, but if you give college your all, youíll have the opportunity to go much further in life. And thatís worth working for.  

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