Best and Worst Dorms in American Colleges?

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According to a poll run by based on 7100 anonymous reviews - what are the best (and worst!) college dorm rooms in America? *As of March 1st 2011* Check it out!... Best Dorm Rooms in the USA 1. St. Basils Court La Salle University (4.5) 2. Lucas Winona State University (4.5) 3. Farley Hall Villanova University (4.5) 4. University Commons Georgia State University (4.5) 5. Hurst Hall Mississippi State University (4.5) 6. Welsh Hall Villanova University (4.4) 7. Gifford Hall James Madison University (4.4) 8. University Village Suites Kennesaw State University (4.4) 9. Eickhoff Hall The College of New Jersey (4.4) 10. Borgia Hall Saint Josephs University (4.4) Worst Dorm Rooms in the USA 1. Garner Hall University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2.2) 2. Commonwealth Hall George Mason University (2.3) 3. Darnall Hall Georgetown University (2.4) 4.Presidents Park George Mason University (2.6) 5.Weston Hall University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2.6) 6.Forbes University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2.7) 7.Miller Hall University of Mississippi (2.7) 8.Marshall Apartments University of California-San Diego (UCSD) (2.7) 9.Payne Hall Virginia Tech Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (2.8) 10.Goddard Hall New York University (NYU) (2.8) Schools with the Best Overall Dorms 1.Georgia State University (4.3) 2.University of Missouri-Columbia (4.0) 3.Winona State University (4.0) 4.Loyola University in Maryland (4.0) 5.California State University-Fullerton (4.0) 6.Kansas State University (4.0) 7.Rice University (4.0) 8.The University of Alabama (4.0) 9.University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC) (3.9) 10.Washington University in St Louis (3.9) Biggest Party Dorms 1.Briscoe-Shoemaker Indiana University-Bloomington (5.0) 2.Riepe College House University of Pennsylvania (5.0) 3.Lucas Winona State University (5.0) 4.Bobb-McCulloch Northwestern University (4.9) 5.Brewster Hall Syracuse University (4.9) 6.Village A Georgetown University (4.8) 7.Sellery Hall University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-Madison) (4.7) 8.McNutt Indiana University-Bloomington (4.7) 9.Curley Court Catholic University of America (4.7) 10.Harriet Tubman Quardrangle Howard University (4.7) Dorms with the Hottest Residents! 1.Hurst Hall Mississippi State University (5.0) 2. Ragans Hall Florida State University (4.8) 3.Welsh Hall Villanova University (4.8) 4.Wildwood Hall Florida State University (4.7) 5.Glass Hall Chapman University (4.7) 6.Bethune Annex Howard University (4.7) 7.Ruby Hall Mississippi State University (4.7) 8.McShain Hall Saint Josephs University (4.7) 9.San Nicolas Hall University of California-Santa Barbara (UC Santa Barbara) (4.7) 10. Independence West University of Delaware (4.7)

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