Top 10 Sports Apps to Help You Improve Your Game

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Soccer MLS Mobile This app offers you; live streaming, real-time highlights and live scores, all within a customisable interface. Great for keeping up-to-date with US soccer news as and when it happens. MiCoach Soccer                 This application works with the Adidas 'SPEED_CELL', which is a small in-shoe chip that keeps track of your unique stats. MiCoach soccer allows you to view these stats such as; your average and max speed, steps and stride during play, allowing you to progress through the apps ranking, as your stats improve.   Golf Golfshot Golfshot enables you to track your play, offering over 37,000 golf courses from around the world, with exact distances to ensure you can choose the right club for each shot. The app also offers dynamic scorecards for you to track and compare your games. Tiger Woods: My Swing                   This app allows you to capture your swing with your devices camera and compare it with Tiger's, a must have for those looking to improve their technique.   Hockey CBC Hockey CBC Hockey gives hockey fans access to live scores, results and stats, and, it's free!   Tennis MiCoach Tennis Similar to MicCoach Soccer, this app lets you measure your tennis stats using the Adidas SPEED_CELL in-shoe tracker. This app also allows you to share and compare your stats through Facebook and Twitter.   Basketball Basketball Coach                   Built primarily for coaches, this handy app allows you to prepare tactics, design workouts and plan trainings.   Misc Score Mobile 'Score Mobile' provides fans of American sports with score updates from; NFL, NCAA, football, baseball and golf. Team Stream                   'Team-Stream' gives sports fans real-time news stream of the best sports content from around the world Eurosport This free app gives updates on sporting news from around Europe, including; football, basketball, F1, tennis and cycling.   Do you want to study in America while playing your favourite sport? Apply here for a sports scholarship today!  

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