Wimbledon Facts

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  1. The first Wimbledon was held in 1877 and featured only men's singles matches. It was won by Spencer Gore.
  2. The most championship titles have been won by Maria Navratilova (9) and Pete Samprass (7).
  3. The last Birt to win the Wimbledon title was Virginia Wade in 1977. Fred Perry last won the men's title in 1936.
  4. America has produced the most Wimbledon champs (33 men and 50 women). Britain is the second with 32 men's and 29 women's.
  5. During World War 2, a bomb ripped through centre court, destorying 1200 seats and taking years to rebuild it to it's former glory.
  6. The 2 singles champions will receive 1,150,000 this year.
  7. The longest tennis match in history was in 2010 at Wimbeldon, in a match between Nicolas Mahut, and the winner, John Isner.
  8. Wimbledon's grass courts are lined, rolled and mowed daily to maintain their 8mm height.
  9. The first player ever disqualified from a match was Tim Henman, for hitting a ball in anger, which struck a ball girl.
  10. Wimbledon doesn't use tie-breakers in deciding final sets, instead, games are played until one player has a 2 game lead.

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