10 Paralympians to watch out for

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Lee Pearson (dressage) Lee has won gold in every event, in every paralympic games he has ever entered, making him a 9 times paralympic champion, and, as most would agree, the most experienced paralympian.  In addition to his paralympic achievements, lee also won the 2003 British national championship, an able-bodied event.   Ellie Simmonds (swimming) Ellie became the youngest ever paralympic champion at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  To add to this, she is also 10 times world champion.  Ellie will be competing this year in the 50m, 100m and 400m freestyle, and the 200m IM.   Natalie du Toit (swimming) Natalie lost her left leg after being hit by a car when she was just 17, but this did not deter her from her passion for swimming, going on to win a whopping 10 paralympic gold medals.   Jonnie Peacock (track&field) Known as the 'fastest amputee on the planet', Jonnie lost his left leg through contracting meningitis as a child.  One to be watched at this year's paralymics, he has just set a new world record in the 100m of 10.85s.   Tom Aggar (men's single sculls) British rower, Aggar, took up rowing as part of the rehabilitation from his injury and has gone on to win gold in the past for world championships.   Matt Cowdrey (swimming) Despite being only 23 years old, Matt is just 3 medals away from becoming Australia's most successful paralympian of all time.  Matt has already collected 8 golds, over just 2 paralympics.   Jessica Long (Swimming) USA's Jessica Long is often referred to as the Michael Phelps of paralympic swimming, due to the range of events that she competes in.  Long won 3 gold medals at Athens, at just 12 years of age, going on to win 4 golds at Beijing, and hopes to secure 5 medals in this years paralympics.   Evan O'Hanlon (track and field) Australian triple paralympic gold medalist, O'hanlon, who has cerebal palsy, broke 3 world record at the 2008 paralympics in Beijing and as of 2011, he is ranked first in the world.   Tatyana McFadden (wheelchair racing) USA's McFadden took up wheelchair racing as part of her rehabilitation and has since gone on to win 5 silver medals, compete at 2 paralympics and break 2 world records.   Valerie Grand Maison (swimming) Canadian Valerie Grand Maison, 22, won the 100m and 400m freestyle events and the 100m butterfly at the Beijing 2008 games.    

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