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Agony Al has been inundated with questions this week so we've decided to feature him twice! The question below is from Connie, and addresses the important subject of pre-season training: Dear Al, "I'm hoping to go out to university in the US next year but I'm also hoping to do Camp America in the summer holidays. I have to apply to Camp America by December but I don't know how timings would work. I know a lot of American colleges expect students to be out there in August and some American camps don't end until late August. Should I apply for Camp America soon or wait until the summer after?" Connie   Connie, If you are an athlete youll be expected to start pre-season start of August. Pre-season in any sport is a very important part of your schedule and its vital for your team preparation and overall fitness. Its also a good opportunity to get to know your team mates. In short, pre-season should be your priority. I suggest getting in touch with camp America and ask if you can leave around the end of July, in time for your pre-season training. If not then Camp America isn't for you I'm afraid! You're welcome! Al  

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