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Agony Al's back! This week addressing the Van Wilder-esque issue of avoiding graduation... "Dear Al, I have had an unbelievable time as a college student-athlete and I知 now 18 credits away from graduation. You壇 think that I would be delighted about this, but I知 not. I have a great life here and I don稚 want it to change. I have great friends, compete for a great university, enjoy being a minor celebrity on campus, and the girls are terrific. I知 seriously thinking about failing-out from my next semester classes just so that I can stay-on for another year. My friends think I知 crazy, but what do you think I should do?" TJ, 22 years, New York TJ, It's all got to come to an end at some point. Nobody likes a hanger on! All your classmates will be graduating this year as well as the fellow seniors in your team. So next year wont be the same. If you really want to stay on at College then do a masters or get a job there...however you should definitely not fail out! Think about the new memories you値l be creating when you leave college...only this time you値l have some cash on the hip. $$$ Your Welcome, Al.  

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