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This week, Agony Al sheds some light on golf-scholar, Chris's, predicament...   Hi Agony Al, I really need some of your advice. I left Australia last month to take-up a golf scholarship at a university in Texas; it has been simply amazing so far. The only problem Im having is with the American girls theyre insane! I met this chick in my English class and we decided to go for a few beers with friends after my afternoon practice. The next day she changes her Facebook status to being in a relationship and tags ME as her boyfriend. WTF is that all about?! She is a lovely girl and I like her a lot, but Im not into this relationship chat one bit. How do I let her down gently without burning bridges altogether? Cheers bro. Chris, 18 years, Austin Wow! Seems like youve got a real live one on your hands there Chris! Honesty is the best policy. Just say to her, you see her as a friend and nothing more. If shes as nice as you think she is then shell respect your wishes...however if that fails then your next step is deleting her as a friend off Facebook. Maybe even block her! Shell soon get the message. She may seem like a lovely girl now but this will soon snowball and before you know it youre fishing your pet rabbit out the boiling pot. Consider hitting on a couple of her close friends as good measure. Play on Playa! Al xxx  

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