5 Steps to Being the Perfect Room-mate

3 min read
So you're on top of your classes, you've joined all your clubs, and your college life is getting off to a great start. But, what if your roommate is snoring, there are always dishes in the sink, and there's always music blasting? We've put together a list of 5 steps to make you the perfect room-mate, and what to do if yours isn't... 1. Manage Your Expectations Just because you will be sharing a dorm, doesn't mean you are guaranteed to be best buddies from day one, or even at all. Starting college is an exciting time, but can also be a nerve-racking experience and an awkward time of adjusting to life without mum and dad holding your hand...so respect that, and always be friendly!   2. Be Clear From the Beginning Do you have any quirks that might seem weird to someone new? Whether you're not a morning person, you have particular habits or pet hates, you should make light of these and tell your new roommate about them before allowing them to become an unnecessarily big deal. Often conflicts come down to many little problems that all add up to one massive one, so nipping these in the bud as soon as possible will make sure you're less likely to have major issues further down the line.   3. Be Patient Everyone is different, and just as you will be learning new things and adjusting to your new college lifestyle, your roommate will be too. Whether you come from different backgrounds, countries, religions or traditions, be open to learning about different cultures. Be patient while you and your room-mate adjust to your new lifestyles in different ways.   4. Respect Their Belongings Always ask permission before using your room-mates stuff and respect the roomie golden rule - if you break it, you replace it! Similarly, it might not be the best idea to bring anything with you anything that'sirreplaceable, in case your room-mate is a clumsy one...   5. Be Responsible For Your Own Mess Sometimes there's nothing more frustrating when living with someone, than needing to tidy up after them time and time again, so make sure you aren't that person and tidy up after yourself. Generally, being a good room-mate is all about compromise, learning to adjust, and treating others as you would like to be treated!  

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