Staff Profile : Rosie Witham

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Every so often, we like to take the opportunity to showcase our staff in a profile on this blog. The majority of our staff are all former US scholarship recipients, and have all been to the States on sports scholarships through FirstPoint USA. However, there is a small number of our staff who have come to FirstPoint USA through other routes, and Rosie Witham is one of them! She is also ANOTHER staff member hailing from Dunoon in Scotland! Rosie is one of our newest members of staff, coming to the team as our Digital Media & Marketing Assistant in June this year. We caught up with Rosie to find out more about what she does at FirstPoint USA, and where she comes from. What did you do before coming to FirstPoint USA? I had just graduated from Uni - 2 weeks before starting at FirstPoint USA, studying Interactive Media. I had also previously worked for Glasgow Caledonian University, doing both mentoring and research work. Describe what your job involves? My job involves web design and development. I also write for our blog, and help to maintain all of our social networks. We try to use our blog as an additional resource for our clients or to those who are considering a sports scholarship to the USA. We try to fill it with as much information, advice and tips as we can to make sure that the research is there for them to make an informed decision. What might you do in a day? My job varies greatly from one day to the next! After my obligatory half-caff coffee, I'll check in on our social networks for any inquiries, and will regularly check it throughout the day. I'll also do some research into what is going on in the world of American college scholarships, and write a update for our blog. I will also make any updates to our website. What do you like most about your job? I like that I do different stuff every day, it means I don't get bored of doing the same thing. I also like the social aspect and getting to speak to clients through Twitter and Facebook. I enjoy working with everyone at FirstPoint USA...I just love my job! What are your ambitions? To do what I love and love what I do (cheese)! Whats your favourite sport? Tennis What do you do in your free time/ what are your hobbies? I love all things design so I spend a lot of my time keeping up-to-date and researching new stuff (sad, I know!) I also love a bake-off and enjoy a good game of table tennis. 3 interesting facts about me!
  • I still have a baby tooth
  • I can speak Slovakian (sort of)
  • I got my first job when I was 13, working in an art gallery! #childlabour
We would like to thank Rosie for taking the time to answer our questions. If you have any questions for FirstPoint USA or anything that you would like us to share on our blog & social networks - why not get in touch? Tweet us! @FirstPointUSA1

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