The Collegiate Dictionary - College Lingo Defined

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As most students will tell you, at some point during your first few days on campus, somebody will say something to you and might as well be talking in Finnish. And while awkwardly showing up to an ABC party dressed as your favourite consonant makes for a great freshman year anecdote, a quick review of the College Dictionary will have you talking the talk in no time. So fear not -this is your guide to college lingo...   A ABC Party:Anything But ClothesParty.   B Big-Little Week: Usually lasting about one week during each semester, a secret big sister (older member) in a sorority indulges her little(new member)with presents and surprises. Bro:Used to describe the archetypal college party boy.   C Creeper:(Generally) a person who is notorious for doing weird things ... really weird things.   D Darty (or Day-long): A party occurring during the day(aka an excuse to rage in broad daylight). Dorm-cest: Hook-ups and relationships between two people living in the same dorm.   E Enrollment:This is the time of the year, usually at summer orientation if you are a freshman or in the fall and spring if you are an undergrad, in which yousign upfor the classes you will take the next semester.   F Formal: The college equivalent of a dance(usually hosted by frats, sororities or clubs). Fratastic: A fraternity brother that is the utmost definition of a bro.   G GDI:An acronym that stands for Gamma Delta Iota. Its an ironic Greek classification created to describe anyone not involved with Greek life.   H Hall:Short for residence hall; the dorm building you live in. Highlighter Party:(Also called a Black Light Party)A party theme that requires guests to wear white or fluorescent colored clothing that appears to be glowing in black light.   I Intramurals: Recreational organized sports teams.   J Jungle Juice:An alcoholic mixed beverage made with various types of liquors, sodas and juices.   K Keg:A barrel of beer that is usually at parties. Kegs & Eggs: A morning keg party.   L Lightweight:A person who does not drink much, and, as a result, his/her tolerance is very low.   M Mixer: A party specifically held between one sorority and one frat.   N Natty Light(Natural Light):The most common brand of beer atcollegeparties; this specific brand name is also used interchangeably with beer in general.   O Office Hours: Weekly timeslotswhen your professor is available to answer questions, clear up points of confusion, etc.   P Pregame: Drinking before going to a party.   Q Quad: Any grassy knoll on campus that acts as a usual meeting spot or hangout.   R RA: An acronym for Resident Advisor/Resident Assistant. Rager: A common synonym for party. Rush (Rush Week): A week occurring once every semester when those going Greek are required to participate in all sorts of crazy activities in order to be inducted into a certain frat or sorority.   S Swipes: The currency of college (ID card) Syllabus Week: The first week of classes, during which professors usually only go over the class syllabus and let students out very, very early.   T The Ten-Minute Rule: An unofficial college rule that you can leave a class or lecture if the professor does not show up within 10 to 15 minutes of the scheduled start time.   U Undergraduate: A term used for any student who is a freshman(or first-year),sophomore, junior or senior in college.   W Walk of Shame: The mortifying walk (or run) back to your dorm after spending the previous night in someone elses dorm room.   Y Year: The college equivalent of what grade you are in.   Z Zombies vs. Humans(or Humans vs. Zombies or HvZ): An intense game of tag that more and more college campuses participate in every year.   Source:    

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