Top 10 Most Athletic U.S Colleges

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Check out the top 10 most athletic American colleges, as chosen by The Huffington Post: 1. Stanford The winner is the Stanford Cardinal, and winning is what they do. The Cardinal have won the most national titles in the last 25 years, bringing 75 championships back to the west coast. That is quite a trophy room they must have. They have won national titles in 16 different sports, including being a juggernaut in men's and women's tennis, women's volleyball, and women's swimming and diving.   2. University of Texas So close Texas, so close. But second place is still good reason to throw your horns up Longhorn fans. Texas reached their point total by being very well rounded. They have won 33 national titles in 9 different sports, are very popular, and bring in over $100 million dollars in revenue for their school, mostly because of huge TV contracts. Way to go Longhorns.   3. University of Florida One may have expected the very popular Florida Gators to be the best sports school in the country, but they come in third on the list. Third is not bad for the Gator Nation, so keep doing the Gator chomp. The Gators have won 19 national titles in 9 different sports and Google traffic estimator projected them to be the second most Googled college team.   4. UCLA I think I may have just discovered the winner of the ongoing battle for Los Angeles between UCLA Bruins and the USC Trojans. The UCLA blue and gold have racked up 53 national titles in 14 different sports, both stats being the second highest behind only Stanford. UCLA has been dominant in softball, women's water polo, and men's volleyball for the past 25 years.   5. University of Georgia The Bulldogs were another very well rounded sports school. They are popular, bring in above average revenue and have won 26 national titles in 7 different sports over the past 25 years. The Georgia Bulldogs have won 10 national titles in women's gymnastics alone, including five straight from 2005 to 2009. It's safe to say they are pretty good.   6. University of Oregon The green and yellow make the top ten because of a lot of recent popularity. Google traffic estimator had the Ducks projected as the most Googled college team. But that is not the only reason the Ducks make the top 10. The Ducks have won seven national titles in four different sports over the past 25 years.   7. USC Even though they lose to their cross-town rivals UCLA, USC comes in at #7. I wouldn't complain. Winning 25 national titles in 11 different sports has its perks. One of them is being mentioned on this list. So go celebrate, wear your cardinal and gold and watch some of your alumni on NFL Sundays, since nearly every USC football player usually makes it to the pros.   8. University of Wisconsin Revenue and popularity play a big role in the Badgers making our list. The Badgers bring in around $100 million in revenue a year and are one of the more Googled teams in the country. But popularity like that does not come unwarranted. Winning 11 national titles in five different sports over the past quarter of a decade helps too.   9. University of Arkansas The Razorbacks crack the top 10, mostly because they can run. Really, really fast. The Razorbacks have won 10 men's cross-country titles and 30 track titles in the past 25 years.   10. University of Michigan The blue and yellow Wolverines round out the top 10. They have won nine national titles in 7 different sports in the past 25 years and are one of the more popular schools around. They also bring in around $100 million for the school annually. The "Fab 5" were exciting and ground breaking in the early 1990's, bringing the school a lot of popularity.  

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