10 Things You Should Do In Your Freshman Year

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Yes, going to College is about working towards your future, working hard in the classroom and on your athletics - if you are on a sports scholarship! However, there is more to College than just work, work, work! It is important to get the right balance between work and fun during these years, and there are certain 'college experiences' that are not to missed! Here's our rundown of our Top 10 Things To Do In Your Freshman Year!.... 1. Live in the dorms! Some college dorms are better than others, but most will be basic with communal kitchens and bathrooms. This may not sound that appealing but it's definitely a college experience that you won't forget! 2. Make friends! Living in the dorms makes making friends easier...as does being in a team or joining a club. College is a great opportunity to make friends with new people, from all over the world. Make sure that you make the most of every opportunity to expand your horizons, and circle of friends. 3. Join a club! Most colleges in America have an array of clubs to join - so this is a great time to explore new interests and meet new people. 4. Go to a Frat party! Dress up for the themes and drink out of those red cups! Have fun but be responsible - don't drink too much, and never go alone! 5. Become a domestic god/godess There comes a time in life where you have to learn how to fend for yourself....and college is this time. When it comes to laundry, cooking and cleaning - you are now on your own! 6. Dress in school colours! Colleges in the US are much more serious about 'school spirit' than in other countries like the UK. Each college has its own colours, so make sure you are dressed head to toe (especially on game day saturdays!) to show your team and school support! 7. Tailgate! Tailgate parties involve grilling food, and having a drink in the parking lots of stadiums or arenas in the build up of sporting events in the US. College sports are generally more popular than professional sports in the States, so you will regularly find many students tailgating before american football, soccer, basketball, hockey and baseball games. 8. Take lots of pictures! Don't forget to document these once-in-a-lifetime experiences with lots of pictures and even a diary. These are memories you will want to revisit later in life! 9. Take a fun class! Your college work schedule will become more demanding in the later years of your degree, so make the most of your freshman year and try to explore all your course options - even some of the fun ones geared up for students - you never know what will capture your imagination or what you might learn! 10. Explore! College is a great time to explore your new surroundings - especially if you are in another country! Try to grab every opportunity you can to explore a new area, or travel to a new state!

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