FirstPoint USA Welcomes Canadian Soccer Superstars

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Our FirstPoint USA Soccer Showcase is next week and we are all looking forward to welcoming our clients to showcase their soccer skills in front of visiting US coaches.

Our clients will be attending from far and wide across the UK and Europe and we appreciate the journey that many will be undertaking to participate. We would also like to extend our welcome to three girls who are visiting us from Canada to play in the Women's soccer games on Friday 14th December! The three members of Winnipeg Phoenix FC, Jasmine Lotey (13), Brooke Richtik (16) and Megan Diamond (16) will be bringing their talents across the Atlantic, to London to compete against FirstPoint USA athletes in front of coaches from across the USA. The Winnipeg Sun has released an article about their journey to the UK today : Londons calling and three members of the Winnipeg Phoenix FC are taking their soccer talents to England this weekend. Jasmine Lotey, 13, Brooke Richtik, 16, and Megan Diamond, 16, will be the only Winnipeg girls at the FirstPoint USA Soccer Showcase. The event gives young players from across the globe an opportunity to play in front of over 150 U.S. College coaches.

Phoenix GM Kenny Brannigan said the girls are in for a great learning experience.

Theyre good enough, because Im putting my name to it, and secondly, their academics are great, he said. This is bigger than any provincial program. The girls have played at the highest level at their age group here, and now they are going to be competing with girls across the world. Before the hard work begins, the girls will take in an English Premiere League match, as Fulham is set to take on Newcastle. Seeing this game will give the girls a chance to see the highest level of soccer, said Rocky Moudgill, who is with player development at Soccer Manitoba. History will also be made during the weekend. Lotey, 13, will not only be the youngest girl from Winnipeg in attendance, but also the youngest participant ever at the showcase. Its going to be a good experience, because its London, and its a very big showcase, she said during her Wednesday night practice. I hope to achieve a lot and learn a lot about the game during the trip. The event is being held at the London Soccerdome, which is the largest indoor football arena in Europe. It will be a big difference from East St. Pauls Skylight Complex, where they currently practice. The opportunity to play in front of all of those scouts is great, said Diamond. Im looking forward to playing in the facility that well be in. Just to see the difference in play over there will be a good learning experience. One common trait shared by the three girls is their passion for the game. They realize that this is a big stage they are about to enter and they have all embraced it with open arms. This program is huge and its a great accomplishment to get there from Europe and the fact that Im getting there from Canada is amazing and Im really lucky, said Richtik. Im just looking forward to playing with different players, learning new things, and see a new perspective of the game. FirstPoint USA founder and Chief Executive, Andrew Kean had this to say about their visit next week: "We are really looking forward to welcoming Brooke, Jasmine, and Megan from the Winnipeg Phoenix football club in Canada and seeing them in action over the London Showcase event. The club is one that we are keen to develop our relationship with and we recognise that they are one of the leading youth soccer programs in the country. All three girls come highly recommended by the club's Director of Coaching, Kenny Brannigan, and we are the excited at the prospect of them impressing the audience of on-looking American college coaches. The London Showcase event will hopefully be the first step towards earning a college scholarship for all three girls."

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