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03-Dec-2012 | 1 min read

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With just over a week until our greatly anticipated Soccer Showcase 2012, our head office is buzzing (and very busy!) Preparations are in full swing, and many US coaches have been confirming their attendance already! Our staff have been very busy making up the team sheets for 360 players in this event! Are you playing?.....check out our team sheets..... Mens Soccer Goalkeepers Group A - New York Group A - Kansas Group A - California Group A - Iowa Group B - Florida Group B - Arizona Group B - Texas Group B - Alabama Group C - Ohio Group C - Michigan Group C - New Mexico Group C - New Jersey Group D - Maine Group D - Montana Group D - Washington Group D - Oregon Group E - Illinois Group E - Nevada Group E - Virginia Group E - Georgia Group F - Connecticut Group F - Indiana Group E - Maryland Group E - North Carolina Womens Soccer Womens Soccer - Chicago Womens Soccer - Orlando Womens Soccer - LA      

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Allen MacDougall

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