Staff Profile: Kirstine Hughes

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Every so often, we like to take the opportunity to showcase our staff in a profile on this blog. The majority of our staff are all former US scholarship recipients, and have all been to the States on sports scholarships through FirstPoint USA. However, there are a number of our staff who have come to FirstPoint USA through other channels, and Kirstine Hughes is one of them. Kirstine is FirstPoint USA's Digital Media and Marketing Manager, here's her story:   1. What did you do before coming to FirstPoint USA? My background is in Graphic Design.   2. Describe what your job involves? I am FirstPoint USAs Digital Media & Marketing Manager, and along with my talented assistant Rosie, we are responsible for managing all digital output from FirstPoint USA. We are proud that everything that falls under the Media & Marketing umbrella is done in-house, including our website management, all social media networks, and our blog. We are also responsible for the FirstPoint USA brand, in terms of design and development as well as marketing and brand awareness.   3. What might you do in a day? Everyday is different at FirstPoint USA - which is one of the reasons why I love my job so much. I could be writing & researching blogs, developing a new part of our website, filming and interviewing visiting U.S coaches or athletes, designing a new brochure or banner, or editing photographs or short movies that we have shot. I will also monitor our social networks and make sure that all enquiries are answered and that all of our followers are being kept updated with news, advice, info and upcoming events.   4. What do you like most about your job? I love FirstPoint USA, and I love the fact that we have helped so many talented young athletes to achieve their dreams of securing scholarships in the USA. My brother went through FirstPoint USA on a soccer scholarship and became team captain for his team at Grand View University. He has now went on to become a Coach in Nebraska since graduating, so I have seen how his experiences in the US has improved his life and career options for the future. I love being part of a company that can do this for others. It is so satisfying when former clients send us their stories about how much they love being in the US, and how successful they have been. It really makes us proud, and it is great to be able to showcase their achievements on our blog (which has over 80,000 views a month) to further their exposure! I also love how creative and diverse my role can be, and how there's always room to progress and explore new developments in digital media, marketing and design. I love what I do, and I can't imagine myself doing anything else.   5. What are your ambitions? I look forward to working with FirstPoint USA and hopefully contributing towards the growth of the company. I look forward to overseeing the improvement of the quality of our digital output, and I hope to develop and expand on our Digital Media & Marketing team.   6. Whats your favourite sport? I am from a family who love soccer (and have a boyfriend who never has anything else on the TV), and with my job I am surrounded by soccer all the time. However, my favourite sport is swimming! I love it and try to go as often as I can.   7. What do you do in your free time/ what are your hobbies? Photography, meeting up with friends, painting, swimming, going to gigs, reading and playing guitar (badly).   8. 3 interesting facts about you...
  • I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend some time travelling after I graduated and once lived and worked in an Elephant sanctuary in Thailand.
  • A physic once told my Mum that I would move into a career in healing and move to Germany or France.
  • I have realised from trying to answer this question that I am not very interesting at all.
  9. If you were to go to a U.S college, where would you go and why? The majority of staff at FirstPoint USA have all been to the USA on sports scholarships and I am in the minority who have not. It really makes me wish that I had the opportunity to do it myself! Through my research for our blog, I have found out about a lot of great universities at all levels in the U.S so I think I would be happy to go to any of them. However, because I am a little arty and because I visited there on my travels, I would like to say San Francisco would be my first choice!  

Thank you, Kirstine!


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