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In the US, a tailgate party is a social event held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle. Tailgate parties usually occur in the the parking lots of stadiums and arenas before games and concerts. Universities, schools and communities nationwide have tailgating parties to build support for their program and team. These parties usually mean sports fans getting together in their team colours, having a drink and grilling some food next to the trunk of their cars. Popular tailgating snacks include hamburgers, hot dogs and potato salad. They also play music and games such as beer pong, flipcup and ladder toss. Check out this fantastic rundown of the top 10 college football tailgating parties that we found on BleacherReport.com Top 10 Tailgates in College Football - By Ian Berg, BleacherReport.com 10. Boatgating: Washington Huskies Seattle, Washington The Washington Huskies share the unique "boatgating" tradition with Tennessee as one of only two schools that has boaters approach the stadium by water and tailgate there. The Huskies have a steady following and boast a tailgating tradition that spans at least 50 years. What also sets apart the Huskies faithful are the microbrews that they bring with them to the docks of Husky Harbor. You have to love the beer selection of the Seattle crowd. Fresh seafood and friendly fans await anyone who makes the trek to Seattle for a college football game. This is truly one of the best tailgating spots in all of college football. 9. Vol Navy: Tennessee Volunteers Knoxville, Tennessee One of the most unique experiences that any school can boast is the Tennessee Navy that floats in for game days. The University of Tennessee plays in Neyland Stadium which sits beside the Tennessee River. [caption id="attachment_6100" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Photo via the University of Tennessee"][/caption]

8. Fans of Troy: USC Trojans

Los Angeles, California

LA is a melting pot of people and USC brings the multicultural twist to life at the tailgate. Great food and fun people are always willing to greet and share the tasty fare with passers by - including Trojan fan, Will Ferrell and other celebrities who have been known to pass by!

[caption id="attachment_6101" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Photo via thetailgatehookup.com"][/caption] 7. Eyes of Texas: Texas Longhorns Austin, Texas The Longhorns have a reputation as one of the best nightlife towns in America, but they also throw one heck of a tailgate party on a Saturday! There is even a semi-private tailgate party known as the Longhorn Tailgaters who have sponsors like Coors Light and Tito's Vodka.   6. Camper City: Auburn Tigers Auburn, Alabama Days prior to game day at Auburn, campers begin to line the streets that lead into town. The Tigers have a loyal fanbase that is known for starting the Tiger Walk tradition in the 1960s and making their instate rivals comfortable on campus prior to kickoff. Auburn has a uniqie way of welcoming visitors - no matter their game-day affiliation. With the campers that line the streets for days and the southern hospitality in Auburn, the only way for an opposing fan to have a bad time is seeing his or her team losing the game. 5. Nittanyville: Penn State Nittany Lions University Park, Pennsylvania [caption id="attachment_6105" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Sean Simmers | The Patriot News"][/caption]   One of the better traditions in college football is the tent city that appears before games outside of Happy Valley on the Penn State campus. Hundreds of students line up their tents outside of the student entry gate to ensure that they receive the best possible seat to the coming day's game. Penn State is a unique community with friendly people and a homey feel to the tailgating experience. It is not the rowdiest scene in college football, but the Penn State experience is one of the cooler traditions in the sport.

4. Jump Around: Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin

[caption id="attachment_6106" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Photo via tailgatingideas.com"][/caption]

Wisconsin is one of the most unique tailgating experiences in all of Big Ten football. The Wisconsin students dont only get rowdy when Jump Around hits the PA systemthey party down before the game. With rumors of such delicacies like the Bratburgera burger that consists of bratsand endless flows of beer and cheese plates, the Wisconsin experience is one of the best in college football. Another staple at a Wisconsin tailgategood beer. 3. Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party: Georgia vs. Florida Jacksonville, Florida The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party may only happen once a year, but it is by far one of the best tailgating events in the country. Mix two of the loudest fanbases in the country in Gators and Bulldogs fans, add in cocktails and great food, and a wild party ensues on an annual basis. If this happened more than one weekend, the fans wouldnt last past the first month. If you have a tailgating bucket list and this cocktail party isnt on it, eitheryou'vebeen there already or you dont know college football. 2. Death Valley Jambalaya: LSU Tigers Banton Rouge, Louisiana Looking for a good time on Saturday? Look no further than Baton Rouge, La., where the LSU Tigers call home. Before, during and after kickoff, the Bayou Bengals faithful are living up to their reputation as party animals outside of the stadium. To be honest, at times, they move the tailgate inside the stadium with liquor and food in tow. The Tigers have a reputation as having rowdy and sometimes aggressive fans, but I would contend that if you join in the fun, the Bayou Bengals faithful dont care who you root forunless its Alabama. 1. The Grove: Ole Miss Rebels Oxford, Mississippi When talking college football tailgating, it would be a travesty not to mention Ole Miss and the Grove. The Rebels may not be the best team on game day, but the fans sure know how to launch a party. The Grove is packed with people, food and tents on game day, and leading up to kickoff, some of the best experiences are had by fans of the Rebels and whoever happens to be playing in Oxford that night. The experience has become so famous that Parade Magazine highlightedthe tailgating experience this past fall. The Grove is the culmination of all things good about college football tailgating. You wont meet someone who isnt a friend on the Grove. Top Ten Article by Ian Berg, BleacherReport.com Have you been tailgating? Share your experiences with us or send us some photographs and we'll feature the best on our blog - seen by over 80,000 every month!  

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