Ultimate Checklist

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At FirstPoint USA, we are highly experienced in streamlining the scholarship process to help talented young athletes to secure scholarships in the US. However, in order to do so - our clients need to provide us with the information we need to ensure they are first of all - eligible, and they are placed at a suitable University for their sporting and academic levels. It is mainly the job of Nicole Montoya and our client services team to make sure that our clients have completed their 'checklist' before they can then move on to the Clearing team for promotion to US coaches. To help you to understand our process, we have created this handy "Ultimate FirstPoint USA Checklist" so that you can make sure you are on track to securing that scholarship! Don't forget - our dedicated and experienced team are always on hand to guide you through each stage of this process!

It's your turn. Kickstart your scholarship journey today!

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