College Snacking

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Working towards your college degree, whilst on a sports scholarship to the USA makes for a very busy schedule. You will be expected to keep up with your classwork as much as your training, because if you don't make the grades - you don't make the team. Simple. Having the busy schedule of a student-athlete means it is even more important to ensure you are looking after your health, and maintaining a healthy diet. Scheduling to eat between classes and training can be tight, and you will need nutritious snacks to keep you running.   [caption id="attachment_6894" align="aligncenter" width="437"] Source :[/caption] Check out some of these snacking ideas to keep you going throughout the day! 'On The Run' Snacks Fruit : Apples, peaches, bananas, grapes Low Fat String Cheese Mini Muffins (there are plenty of healthy and easy recipes online!) Mixed Dried Fruits Powerbars or low fat Granola bars 'Hour Between Classes' Snack Fat free or Greek Yogurt Low Fat Cottage Cheese Hard Boiled Eggs Whole grain crackers with low fat cheese Raw veggies with hummus Veggie salad with fat free dressing Frozen grapes 'Night-time Study' Snacks Sugar-free Hot Chocolate Instant oatmeal with dried fruit Low sodium soup Fresh fruit smoothies Mixed bean and veg salad 'All-Nighter' Snacks : usually a notorious time for junk food binging! Baby carrots and celery Lays Light Potato Chips Rice Cakes Air popped popcorn Cereal such as Special K

Remember - the 'Freshman 15' exists so make sure you are careful about what you eat, especially if you need to maintain your fitness levels for your game!


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