How Social Are US Colleges?

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The way we communicate is changing with the increasing popularity of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Why is it important for you to chose your tweets carefully when in the process of securing a sports scholarship to the USA? When you apply to college, you spend a long time crafting the best image of yourself through your application and FirstPoint USA profile. One thing many applicants fail to realize, is that quite often Coaches and admissions committees are factoring what you post on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter into their decisions. Kaplan Test Preps 2010 survey of college admissions officers revealed that four out of five college admissions offices use Facebook to recruit students...and they're also using the site to vet applicants. These searches are performed to ensure that you are the right fit for their school, so just as it is important to present yourself well online at all times or if you are applying for a job - it is equally as important to ensure you are projecting a positive image of yourself when applying to college. How much are your prospective U.S Colleges communicating through these channels? Although you may be worried about Colleges vetting you online, you can also view their online presence as a positive thing. If you are seriously considering a particular University, or just reviewing your options - there is a wealth of information now online about most schools. You can use social networking to find information about the university or course, to find out what students think of their university, to source photographs of the campus or to use a communication platform to ask questions. Facebook and Twitter are especially good for this, but there is another social network that is huge in the U.S and is emerging elsewhere, that is a great tool to scout out your University....and that's Pinterest! Check out what the University of Oregon has been 'Pinning' for a great example :

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