Mitchell's Marathon

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FirstPoint USA client, Mitchell Hart, is running the London Marathon on the 21st April 2013, to raise money for homelessness charity, Shelter. Here's Mitchell's story: "One day I was in my local gym changing rooms and this old, rugged worn down man walked in and started to shower. As we were the only to people in the changing room we got talking. He told me how the sports centre let him use the gym changing facilities once a day to have a wash and clean himself up. He was a nice man who had some interesting stories that fascinated me about his time on the streets. He explained how people tried to avoid him just because he is homeless. He seemed a nice decent man who once had a family with two kids. I will always remember one phrase he told me. "Enjoy your life, work hard and eat well because one day it could all be taken away from you!" It made me realise how lucky I am having a roof over my head, loving family and a place to call home. This is why I want to raise money for 'Shelter' to help people like him."

You can sponsor Mitchell on his Just Giving Page.

The team at FirstPoint USA would like to wish Mitchell the best of luck, it's great to see such an effort being made for such a worthy cause!


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