7 Twitter Accounts To Follow When Studying In The USA

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  USA Today College (@USATODAYcollege ) USA Today is a great website to keep you up to date with going on State-side and internationally. USA Today College provides regularly updated articles about student life in the USA, ranging from campus-life to college sports. British Embassy (@UKinUSA ) There is always the chance of an emergency while you are in the USA. The British Embassy (or your country's embassy, if not from the UK) sends out information about national security and the state of affairs in the USA, and many nations. NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA (@NCAA, @Play_NAIA, @njcaa ) If you are going to the USA to become a student-athlete, make sure you're following your sporting governing body (or even better, all of them) to keep up-to-date with new rules and regulations that are brought into affect, and to stay updated with news and events in all sports. Huffington Post College (@HuffPostCollege ) Similar to USA Today College, The Huffington Post is a great online source of student-related current affairs. Study Abroad 101 (@StudyAbroad101 ) Abroad101 bills itself as the first and largest study abroad review website. It features Global Ambassadors, real students studying abroad who blog and give great advice on how to make the most of the experience. Your College/Team Most universities and colleges now use twitter as a way of putting out real-time updates for events, such as campus closures, activities available, and on-campus offers. Similarly, it's wise to follow your sports team and/or any clubs you are affiliated with. FirstPoint USA (@firstpointusa1) If you aren't already, make sure you follow us on twitter to see regular tips and advice about college life, from both previous athletes, and those currently in the USA on scholarship. As well as providing advice for potential student-athletes in the run-up to heading out to the USA, we provide information for each stage of your college career!

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