A Day in the Life: NCAA vs NAIA Soccer

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Guest blogger, and FirstPoint USA soccer athlete, Damian O’Hare is currently in Georgia at Brewton-Parker College on a soccer scholarship. Damian has been writing about his first experiences in the US on his blog, which you can check out here. This week, Damian has been comparing his academic and athletic schedule with that of his friend, Michael Tuohy, who is also in the U.S on a soccer scholarship secured through FirstPoint USA: I've had many people ask me over my time here so far of what exactly a day in the life of a student athlete entails, particularly soccer.  A lot of my friends think it's all fun and games, just chilling in the sun, kicking a ball about then attending some crazy Frat party before waking up the next morning to do it all again...unfortunately it's not (the truth mum, honestly!)
In action @ Southern Wesleyan, South Carolina.
I received an e-mail from First Point USA, my former agency, asking me to do a guest blog for future students on what exactly a typical day would be for a student athlete.  I will include my own schedule during season in the NAIA, along with my good friend Michael Tuohy's, himself a former FPUSA client, to show a comparison between the two levels.  Michael plays for the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania in the NCAA. My day would be pretty full on during season. This is how my Monday would typically be; 7:30am; Wake up, breakfast 8:00am; Work study 9:30am; Class 11:30am; Lunch 12:30pm; Class 2pm; Class 3:30pm; Practice 5pm; Treatment, back to dorm rooms, shower 6pm; Dinner 7pm; Gym 9pm; Library to study, complete assignments and homework 11pm; Back to dorm, shower, sleep. It really was a full on day and this was a day without a 7 hour bus trip to an away game!   Michael's schedule at NCAA DI Pittsburgh on a typical day:
Michael in action for Pittsburgh.
7:30am; Wake up, breakfast 10-11am; Study Hall 11am; Head to the stadium, ready for practice 12:3pm; Training, followed by treatment on any injuries 4-5pm; Classes depending on the day 6pm-; Homework, dinner, take care of errands, speak to family back home, sleep. As you can see, the schedules are both pretty intense but if you take both your training and academics seriously rather than prioritise one over the other, then they are both very manageable. We both keep in contact with one another, and even ended up on the same flight home for Christmas, totally coincidental! It is a once in a life-time experience being a student athlete and even though you are burned out after most days, it will be one of the best things you could possibly take on.  We both highly recommend the USA college experience to everyone, as no matter what level you have played to back home it really is such a great opportunity to come here; both academically for your future and for your own sporting career. Follow michael's journey @tuohy_michael on twitter, and myself @theboyohare Contact: damianohare12@gmail.com

We'd like to thank Damian & Michael for taking the time to write such a great blog post!

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