Top 5 Frat Houses In The U.S

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We've taken a look at some of the fraternity houses in the US & put together a top 5 list: 5. Phi Gamma Delta house - Oklahoma University Phi Gamma Delta house is known to have recently been rebuilt to look like a really nice country club left in the hands of college kids. The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity was founded on May 1st in 1848 at Jefferson College. Their colour is royal purple and their flower is the Purple Clematis. There is also 121 chapters in the fraternity and they go by the motto of "friendship, the sweetest influence"
  • 3.58/5 - Looks
  • 3.78/5 - Popularity
  • 2.93/5 - Classiness
  • 2.62/5 - Involvement
  • 3.69/5 - Social Life
  • 2.74/5 - Brotherhood
  4. Alpha Delta Phi of Cornell University Found in 1832 at the Hamilton College, they have a sixteen structure across the driveway of the main building which is very interesting. It was designed by John Russell Pope and bears neither windows or doors and it is claimed to have only been entered by "brothers" so is a big secret. They also have been known to hold "the classiest party in the Ivy League" which is a black-tie casino night for charity. The building is a castle which sits on an Ithacan hill giving the perfect opportunity for the fraternity house to party privately. The Fraternities colours are emerald and pearl and their flower is lily of the valley. Also they have 25 chapters in the fraternities and go by the motto "many hands, one heart"
  • 4.00/5 -Looks
  • 4.00/5 - Popularity
  • 4.20/5 - Classiness
  • 4.00/5 - Involvement
  • 3.80/5 - Social Life
  • 4.00/5 - Brotherhood
  3. The Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity - Syracuse University This was the first fraternity on campus which was in 1871. It is an old stone castle which formally had a carriage house which was converted into a back house which is sometimes know as the party house as it far enough away to have privacy. There is also a fully sized sand volleyball court and half sized basketball court along with a 28 car car-park. The interior is something quite special with hand carved staircases and mahogany oak floors. The fraternity was founded on June 22nd by Yale University. Their colours are gules, azure and OR. Also they have 53 chapters and they go by the motto "friends from the heart forever"
  • 2.96/5 -Looks
  • 3.79/5 -Popularity
  • 2.86/5 - Classiness
  • 2.30/5 - Involvement
  • 2.58/5 - Social Life
  • 4.25/5 - Brotherhood
2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon -Michigan University Campus The biggest house on the Michigan University Campus is the home for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. It is beside two main streets on campus and is over 100 years old. It is known for having the annual mud bowl which is a mud football game played between themselves and another fraternity. The fraternity was found on March 9th in 1856 by the University of Alabama. Their colours are Royal purple and old gold and their flower is violet. They have a huge 246 chapter and go by the motto "phi alpha" meaning brother.
  • 3.65/5 - Looks
  • 4.00/5 - Popularity
  • 2.82/5 - Classiness
  • 2.27/5 - Involvement
  • 3.92/5 - Social Life
  • 3.36/5 - Brotherhood
  1. The sigma Alpha Epsilon in Vanderbilt University Mostly this fraternity gained the top spot for being "the perfect home" and actually being a castle with turrets and cannons from the civil war. The House is also set on its own corner separate from everyone, also holding the biggest rooms on campus. It also includes a full basketball court. As previously stated this fraternity was founded on March 9th in 1856 by the University of Alabama.
  • 2.88/5 - Looks
  • 3.12/5 - Popularity
  • 2.62/5 - Classiness
  • 2.81/5 - Involvement
  • 3.54/5 - Social Life
  • 2.95/5 - Brotherhood

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