Our Staff & Their Thoughts: If You Could Do It All Again...

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The majority of FirstPoint USA staff have been on soccer scholarships to America, but what if they had a chance to do it all again? We decided to set up some questions for our staff, to ask them if they could go out to The States again to play a different sport, what sport would they choose? They also chose their ideal state and ideal university. For a lot of the answers it showed that some of the guys fancied playing golf in sunny California, or being big, tough, American footballers (all clearly dreams!) Have a look at what the staff did, where they originally studied, and what they would do now if they could do it all over again, playing a different sport... Andrew Kean Our CEO played and studied for Cincinnati in Ohio would love to go back as his bigger build and play American Football in California but study at Stanford University.   Nicole Montoya Our California Girl went to Binghamton University in New York, but would like to have played Volleyball if she hadn't chosen soccer. Her ideal state to work/live/study in would be Hawaii and she would have loved to go to Columbia University. Smart in the sun!   Simone Enrici Simone went to Martin Methodist College in Tennessee but would have liked to live in sunny California playing basketball (this is definitely a dream for the wee guy!) University of Las Vegas caught Simone's eye, and he would have liked to have studied there also.  
John Paul Boyle JP went on a soccer scholarship to Hartwick College in New York, where he had a successful soccer career, but he thinks it would be "cool" to do Swimming and Diving in Texas. If he could go to the states again on a scholarship, he would want to go to UCLA.   James Beggs James played soccer for the University of Mobile in Alabama, but is one of the guys that would love to chill playing golf in North Carolina. He would also like to study at University of Notre Dame.   Barry Neville Barry attended New York's Binghamton University but would enjoy playing Basketball in Nevada, Las Vegas, to be precise! He would also like to have gained a scholarship at the University of Oregon.   John Crawley John was lucky enough to play at the University of Las Vegas. He would now like to be strong enough to play American Football in California and like Barry, attend the University of Oregon.   Andy McNab & Kevin McCann Both Andy and Kev would love to play golf everyday in California. Andy went to Salem University in West Virginia and Kevin Went to Xavier University in Ohio. Andy wants to study at the Stanford University where as Kevin would like to study at Sandiego State University.  
  We also asked some of our other staff who didn't get the opportunity to go to America on a scholarship and what their ideal sport, University and State would be. Take a look at some of their answers.   Rosie Witham (Media) Rosie has started off her tennis career well, so said she liked the idea of playing Tennis in Oregon at the University of Oregon. We all know how much she loves this school!  
Craig Clark (Media) Craig would have loved to go on a soccer scholarship. He's played soccer most of his life and hearing all the stories from the other guys in work makes him feel like he's missed out on something! Craig would like to have studied in New York at Cornell University.   Nicolle Crawford (administrator) Nicole would love to do Equestrian as a scholarship. She would love to have done this in Florida at the University of Florida.   Megan Hammond (Client Services) Megan dreams of being as flexible and talented to gain a Cheerleading Scholarship in California. She also liked the look of studying at Princeton University.   Grant MacKenzie Grant was a professional cyclist back in the day but looking back as a strong guy now he would have loved to have gained an American Football Scholarship in California and study at the University of Berkley.  

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