Settling in well into US college life

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Our promotions team have been receiving tonnes of positive responses from our clients who are experiencing their first few weeks of American college life. For some it can be the hardest time, especially during their first tough pre-season and getting ready for new classes. Remember our staff are always here for support and advice. It's wonderful to see so many great responses from our clients who are loving life in the US! Here's just some of the feedback...   First up is Dom Gillespie who's attending Salem University... Hi John Paul, Yeah everything is going great in Salem and I am really happy with my choice to come here, apologies for the late reply but we have been on the road for a few friendlies over the last few days. I want to thank you very much for all your work in making Salem a reality especially after all the problems that occurred during the later stages of the process. I am settling very well as I say and am getting on well with the lads including those that came out through First Point. I have started well on the field as well and managed to score in both my opening friendlies which I am very happy with and should hopefully give me a good basis to build on for the season. I feel like i've dealt well with living away from home and that is mainly due to the lads and coach who have always tried to involve all the players in everything that's done. We are currently in Cleveland, Ohio as we have a scrimmage against Cleveland State University who are a D1 school which will be a good but tough game. Again I want to thank you for your help and wish you the best with First Point, I'll make sure to keep you up to date with how things are going here as well. Thanks again, Dom   Sarah Cummins is loving US college life... Hi John Paul Sorry for taking so long these last few days have been so busy. I have had no time to myself. I have settled in really well and have met 3 Scottish guys so it's nice talking to someone that does ask what you are saying 24/7 hahaha Thank you for helping me get here I'm so happy it all worked out and I wish you all the best in the future. I'll make sure I keep you updated :) thank you again! Sarah   Michael Islander is enjoying his new surroundings at Texas A&M International University... Hi Simone, Yeah I'm settling in very well here. Everyone is extremely welcoming and friendly. Preseason is tough but is good. We did pre preseason a week before our actual preseason started just with the players. Trained 3 times a day, gym in the morning, fitness in the afternoon and work with the ball at night. That started on the 12 and is currently still going on. We have our first exhibition game tomorrow, hopefully I will get some sort of a game although it will be tough because there are 30+ players here. It's also a bit challenging getting used to the heat. Our afternoon sessions are in 41/42 degree heat.Last night tamiu had an unveiling of our new badge. That was quite fun to attend as it was my first official event here. But yeah so far it has been amazing, got all my classes sorted out for this semester and can't wait to start. Regards, Michael Michael also sent us these pictures...     Jess Handsaker had this to say... Hi Barry, Thanks for getting in contact! I have settled in very well here and I have met a lot of great people. I am really loving it. Thanks for all of your help! Jess   Enoch Chondol is settling well to student athlete life... Hi John, Thank you For contacting me while out here in the states. 2 weeks into my time here has been great so far. Training has been good too. The heat is incredible at times, but I'm sure I will get used to it very soon. Thank you once again for all your assistance with me right from the beginning till now. I appreciate the hard work that you have put in to help me get here. Wish You All the best in Your future. Thanks Enoch Chondol   To all our clients in the USA - please keep us up to date with your progress, both as a student and as an athlete!

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