Campbell Mason's Heading To Rio Grande

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Campbell Mason has recently committed to The University of Rio Grande. Last seasonRio were ranked no.1 soccer teamin the NAIA. Campbell will be joined by fellow FPUSA player Billy Spink and both will head out to the statesthis August. Also playing for Rio Grande is Ben Mendoza who has enjoyed tremendous success in his first year.
  1. Why have you decided to attend a Universityin the states?
I think going to America is a dream for anyone, even just to go on a short holiday let alone to experience life over there as a student and perhaps with a chance to stay after. It's a massive chance for anyone to recreate themselves in a completely different school and sporting environment. Also in football specifically at this age with there being a lack of chances to get to a higher place in the UK, unless you're very lucky, it seems the logical step to try and make a career path within sport over in the US.
  1. What were the key factors that impacted your decision to choose The University of Rio Grande?
Picking The University of Rio Grande wasn't a hard decision for me, just looking at their recent achievements in the football side of things it just shows I have a chance to progress and perhaps get lucky enough to go to a very high level. Being from a small village in the UK it seemed a good fit for me to go to a small town where Id be comfortable and be able to focus on the football side of things more clearly.
  1. How excited are you to spend the next few years in the States?
I'm literally counting the days to go over there and understand how lucky I am to have the opportunity so Im buzzing to get over there and playing football.
  1. How did you find the scholarship process?
The scholarship process for me was quite easy, I had a few offers so had them all written down with pro's and con's of going to each place. All the coaches are willing to talk to you personally over Skype or FaceTime or on the phone so contacting them wasn't a problem, the hardest part about the process was the waiting for offers at first as it took a while before a lot of them came through so I'd tell anyone that's waiting for offers just to be patient, they will come and once they do you've got to be prepared to research and think about every offer no matter what the first impressions are.  

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