Alex Rimmer Is Heading To USAO

2 min read
  I am from Warrington and have played football for as long as I can remember. It's not just been football all my life, I've played cricket, competed in triathlons and golf. However, football has always been the main focus, I've played for many local teams around my area, only notable team would be Manchester City when I was signed on at the academy at U9's for a few years. Since going to America on holidays I've always wanted to go out there, I feel that everywhere in America just seems bigger and better, it would just be an incredible experience. Key factors that impacted my decisionto go to USAO would have to be the viability of the offer, but also the courses they have available such as physics, which I'm keen on doing. Not only that but the campus itself just looked like something I'd like and with it being so close to Oklahoma City, it seemed like the right choice.All I can say is I'm very excited and can't wait to get out there already! The process was all done very smoothly, Michael has helped me every step of the way and can't thank him enough. The only problem is getting all the NAIA eligibility stuff sorted; it was quite a hassle getting all of it sent off.

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