US Education – Best in the World

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Its no secret that higher education in the USA is widely believed to be the best, superior to anywhere else in the world. For centuries, universities such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford and Cal-tech have topped university lists, while students from countries like the UK, Australia and China have flocked to the states, in search of a better education, and in turn, better opportunities. Why is it that the USA succeeds where other countries fail, in terms of higher education? It can be argued that the diversity that has become so synonymous with the United States has been found increasingly within their schools, attracting international students who feel that there is something for everyone. With a massive range of classes available from florist management and puppetry, to more traditional courses like Law and Business there is truly so much knowledge to be gained in American schools. This diversity can also be seen in the range of international students that attend university in the states. The total international student enrollment for the 2015-15 academic year sat at 974,926, compared to just 436,585 who came to the UK in the same year. This massive incoming population brings with them a variety of cultures, heritages and a thirst for knowledge, that make America one of the best places to attend college. Within one classroom, you may find students from South Korea, Vietnam, Mumbai or Manchester, each with a completely different background. This is something which makes American education so exciting, as people are brought together by a desire to learn.   Something which also marks US education as the best is the opportunities students can expect to have waiting for them when they graduate. For example, the University of Chicago has had 51 members of staff who are Nobel Laureate winners. Having faculty at this high a standard in their chosen fields means students have increasingly wider connections, making it easy for them to network with the right people during their time at the school. In addition to this, schools like Stanford, Berkeley and UCLA are all heavily recruited for by companies such as Google and Snapchat. Of all Google employees, it is estimated that 7% attended Stanford, meaning that, in perspective, a Stanford degree can get you much closer to working at a global company of that magnitude. It doesnt hurt that Googles HQ are in Palo Alto, literally around the corner from the Stanford campus, meaning students are viable for internships and placements during their time at the university. However, this is not limited to massive companies like Google. Unemployment rates across America, for graduates with a bachelors degree or higher, are currently sitting at just 5%. Many more graduates are walking out of university and into good jobs in the US than are in Britain, mostly down to the amount of opportunity and connections existing in American colleges. This is something that attracts international students to the US today, and will continue to do so for a long time.

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